FCI Phoenix Religious Programs

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When considered necessary for the security or good order of the institution, the Warden may limit attendance at or discontinue a religious activity. Opportunities for religious activities are open to the entire inmate population, without regard to race, color, nationality, or ordinarily, creed. The Warden after consulting with the institution chaplain, may limit participation in a particular religious activity or practice to the members of that religious group. Ordinarily, when the nature of the activity or practice (e.g., religious fasts, wearing of headwear, work proscription, ceremonial meals) indicates a need for such a limitation, only those inmates whose files reflect the pertinent religious preference will be included.

To ensure the safety, security and good order of the institution any religious group that encourages domestic and/or foreign terrorism, or any type of violence will not be authorized to meet.

Worship services are made available for all religious groups weekly. Each inmate is authorized to attend his or her primary religious worship service each week. Work schedules may be adjusted to accommodate this practice. Inmate religious programs require constant staff supervision.

The following religious practices and activities are never authorized: animal sacrifice; casting of curses; nudity; self-mutilation; use or display of weapons; exclusion by race; self-defense training; profanity; ingestion of illegal substances; proselytizing; encryption; disparagement of other religions; paramilitary exercises; sexual acts;

Sermons, original oratory, teachings, and admonitions must be delivered in English. When necessary, Wardens may identify alternatives practices and implement the least restrictive alternative consistent with the security and orderly running of Bureau institutions.


The Bureau of Prisons does not require an inmate to profess a religious belief. An inmate may designate any or no religious preference. To maintain the security and orderly running of the institution, and to prevent abuse or disrespect by inmates, the chaplain will monitor patterns of changes in declarations of religious preference. Inmate’s religious rights are based on that individuals self determination.

Religious Categories

Adventis, Amer Ind, Atheist,Bahai, Buddhist, Catholic, Ch Christ, Hindu, Jehovah,Jewish, Krishna, Moorish
Mormon, Muslim Nation, Orthodox(ie Russian),Penticost, Other Science, Protestant(general Christian)
Rasta, Santeria, Sikh, Unknown( New Admits Only), and No prefer (no religious rights)

CHAPLAINS are responsible for managing religious activities within the institution. Institution chaplains are available upon request to provide pastoral care and counseling to inmates through group programs and individual services. Pastoral care and counseling from representatives in the community are available in accordance with PS 5360.09. All chaplains are qualified pastoral care providers who have verified credentials and current endorsements on file. Chaplains plan, direct, and supervise all aspects of the religious program and have physical access to all areas of the institution to minister to inmates and staff. All institution chaplains are employed to: lead worship services, provide professional spiritual leadership and pastoral care; accommodate the legitimate religious needs of inmates; and supervise institution religious activities.


Those items set off with an asterisk (*) are items which are worn or used only in the chapel/outdoor worship areas during scheduled services. Inmates of all faiths are authorized one (1) medallion, copies of their sacred books and inspirational literature. The number of religious books, periodicals and magazines will comply with local institution unit policy. In order to facilitate the security concerns of the institution by maintaining uniformity of inmate wear inmates will be limited to the color and styles of headwear listed below. Full implementation will be inforced 6 months after issuance of this supplement.

Note: Special personal religious items not listed will require an authorization memorandum from the Supervisory Chaplain for FCI/FPC Phoenix only and placed in the inmates central file. An inmate may receive a copy through his or her unit team.

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