FCI Phoenix Travel and Accommodations

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This section is designed as a guide to assist those individuals visiting FCI Phoenix. The institution does not endorse or recommend any accommodation listed below as they are given for reference only.

It is the inmate’s responsibility to share any of the following information that might be significant to a visitor to the institution and area.

FCI Phoenix is located approximately 30 miles north of downtown Phoenix on I-17 and at exit 225 (Pioneer Road).

Those individuals traveling east on I-10 (such as from Los Angeles) will need to take I-10 until it intersects with I-17 north.

Those traveling on I-10 west (such as from Tucson) will take I-10 until it intersects with I-17 north.

Those traveling south on I-17 (such as from Flagstaff) will proceed south to exit 225.

Note: In some areas I-17 is often referred to as Black Canyon Highway

Motel/hotel accommodations closest to FCI Phoenix are:

Red Roof Inn Motel 6 1-17 and Bell Road 1-17 and Bell Road Tele (602)866-1049 Tele (602)993-2353

Extended Stay America Premier Inns at Metro Center I-17 and Deer Valley Road 10402 N. Black Canyon Highway Tele (602)879-6609 Tele (602) 943-2371

Homegate Phoenix Metro Center Ramada Plaza Metro Center 11211 N. Black Canyon Highway I-17 and Cactus Road Tele (602)870-2999 Tele (602)866-7000

La Quinta Inn Travelodge Metro Center 1-17 and Greenway Road 8617 N. Black Canyon Highway Tele (602)993-0800 Tele (602)995-9500

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