FCI Pollock Employment

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Institutional maintenance jobs are usually the first assignment an inmate receives. These might include work in the Food Service department, as a unit orderly, or in the maintenance shop. FCI Pollock also has a significant number of inmate jobs in the prison UNICOR factory. FPI UNICOR employs and trains inmates through the operation of and earnings from factories producing high-quality products and services for the federal government.

FPI UNICOR at FCI Pollock, manufactures textile products ranging from cold weather jacket liners, and Army physical fitness uniform trunks.

The rate of pay is either hourly or piece rate depending on the position you hold in the factory.

There are three waiting lists in which UNICOR hires from. The “Priority,” “FRP,” and “Regular” waiting list. Within the first 30 days of your arrival at FCI Pollock, you will receive your initial classification by your unit team and will be asked if you wish to be placed on the waiting list for UNICOR. If you indicate yes, you will be placed on the UNICOR regular list or the UNICOR FRP list; this is for prior status inmates also. You will be placed on the list by your bus arrival date and sequenced by your register number. Inmates requesting to have their prior status checked after being placed on one of the two lists must submit a copout at Mainline to a UNICOR staff member. Once your status has been verified, UNICOR will place you on the UNICOR prior list with the date you were placed on the UNICOR waiting list. UNICOR inmates must report to work in appropriate attire (khaki trousers and tucked in khaki shirt) and must leave in appropriate attire.

If you have any questions about UNICOR or wish to know where your name appears on the list, please see UNICOR staff Monday through Friday during the noon meal.

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