FCI Pollock Library and Publication Rules

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Leisure and Law Libraries

Correspondence courses are structured to provide the inmate the opportunity to receive college credit while incarcerated. All correspondence courses must be approved by the Post-Secondary Education Coordinator. Inmates who are currently enrolled in a correspondence course and who transfer from another institution must seek re-approval from FCI Pollock Education staff. In addition, staff will receive and review all incoming correspondence course materials before distributing them to the inmate. The Leisure and Law Libraries offer a variety of services. Books, magazines, and newspapers will be available for inmate use. An interlibrary loan program is also available for inmate use. The Law Library offers legal material as mandated by Program Statement 1315.07, dated November 5, 1999. The Education Department has an Electronic Law Library system. In order to access the law library you must have an active account. In order to gain access you must do the following:

Submit a copout to the Assistant Supervisor of Education requesting an Electronic Law Library account.
You will be placed on call-out once your account has been created.
You will read and sign the Rules of Behavior for the Inmate Access to the Electronic Law Library and then you will be issued your account password.

Library Hours of Operation

All new accounts will be created at the earliest convenience of the Education staff.

Class schedules and hours of operation for the Leisure and Law Libraries will operate in conjunction with movement schedules. Inmates must wear the designated institution uniform while in the Education Department from 7:30 a.m. (work call/class schedule) to 4:00 p.m. (recall). During the evening (after 4:00 p.m. stand-up count), and on weekends, inmates (excluding students and workers) may wear casual attire in the Education Department. Casual attire, sweatpants, shorts, and sleeved shirts must be tucked-in at all times. Students and workers assigned to the Education Department must wear the designated institution uniform (tucked in) while in class and/or on duty during all hours of operation. No hats (unless approved religious head wear) or sunglasses are to be worn while in the Education Department. Headphones are not allowed in any classroom. There are “No exceptions.”

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