FCI Pollock Medical Care

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Institution staff assist in planning, but you are responsible for making all required payments required, either from earnings within the institution or from outside resources. You must provide documentation of compliance and payment. If you refuse to meet this obligation, you will be removed from FPI (if employed there) and you will not receive any compensation above maintenance pay level. Normally, FRP refusal status will not allow you the privilege of a single cell, special purchase orders, or receive pre-release RRC placement. Telephone use and other privileges may also be restricted. The institution will provide additional pertinent information regarding specific financial obligations and requirements during A&O. Shortly after your arrival to the institution, you will receive a screening examination. You should report any urgent medicalproblems or prescription medications to the medical staff at that time. Inmates who are newly committed to the BOP will receive a medical and dental examination within 14 days of arrival. Health Services staff at FCI Pollock will provide necessary medical and dental services to the inmate population consistent with acceptable community standards. Most medical care is provided through appointments (call-outs). You must present your ID card each time you report to Health Services. If you have a medical or dental problem, you should report to sick call at the Health Services Unit (HSU). A $2.00 co-pay fee is charged to you when you request health care services, such as sick call, or after hours treatment for a condition which is not an emergency. Needed health care will not be denied due to lack of funds. Co-payment fees are waived when appointments or services, including follow-up appointments, are initiated by medical staff.

Sick Call Appointments

Medical/Dental Sick Call
Routine Medical/dental Treatment

Sign-Up Hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
6:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.

You may send a cop-out to request routine care from your assigned primary care provider or dentist. Examples include wellness concerns appropriate for age such as blood pressure checks, HIV tests, physicals, dental cleaning, and prostate examinations. You may also request a medical exam within 1 year of your expected release date. Emergency medical services will be available and provided on a 24-hour, 7 days a week basis. In the event of a medical emergency, you are to report directly to the nearest staff member for assistance. Telephone arrangement and/or notification must be made between the institution staff member and a member of the medical staff prior to the individual being seen. The staff member contacting the Health Services will furnish information regarding the nature of the impending emergency and will receive instructions on how you should proceed in obtaining medical care. You should not report to Health Services without authorization by a medical staff member. Medical coverage on evenings, weekends, and holidays is for the treatment of emergency medical and dental problems only. You will receive a tuberculosis (TB) test (PPD) yearly to determine if you have been exposed to TB. This is mandatory unless a healthcare provider has determined that you are exempt from testing. A chest x-ray is not a substitute for a PPD test. Refusal of PPD may result in an Incident Report. Other infectious diseases (such as HIV or Hepatitis) may be monitored in Chronic Care Clinics. All inmates are cautioned to avoid activities (such as tattooing) which may result in exposure to blood-borne diseases. Good hand washing and hygiene practices will also limit the transmission of contagious skin infections. New prescriptions and refills are completed during normal business hours MondayFriday and will be available for pick up at Pill Line only. You may request a refill by completing a Medication Refill Request which is available in your housing unit, and submitting to a Health Services staff member. Some medications are required to be dispensed at only Pill Line and must be crushed according to BOP policy. No medications of any type will be dispensed without the presentation of your ID card. Pill Line staff do not provide Sick Call services.

Pharmacy Services and Pill Line

Pill Lines Times

6:30 a.m.- 7:00 a.m.
7:30 p.m.- 7:45 p.m.

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