FCI Pollock Visitation

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Visiting Hours

Social inmate visiting at the FCI is Friday, Saturday,
Sunday and Federal Holidays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. At
the beginning of the month, each inmate will have eight
points. Inmates will be assessed one point for weekday
visits and two points for weekend and holiday visits. The
visiting points will be tracked by the Visiting Computer
Program. Once the visit has concluded, the inmate will be
assessed the proper amount of points.


Inmates are responsible for informing prospective visitors that dress should be within the bounds of good taste and should not possibly offend others who may be present in the Visiting Room. The following items WILL NOT be allowed: Hats, open toed sandals or shoes, transparent or sheer clothing, bib overalls, halter tops, sleeveless tops or dresses, shorts, miniskirts, culottes, capri pants, or spandex. Dresses will not be shorter than the top of the knee. Blouses or other apparel of a suggestive nature i.e., low-cut, v-neck, tank tops, any garment which reveals the mid-section, or skirts with slits above the knee will not be allowed. No clothing with derogatory, sexually suggestive, or gang-related logos are allowed. Because inmates wear similar clothing in the institution, jogging and/or sweat suits will not be permitted to be worn into the institution. Sweatshirts/sweat pants and jogging outfits pants or jackets are not allowed to be worn in conjunction with regular civilian style clothing if similar to inmate clothing. All visitors will wear underclothing garments. All female visitors are required to wear a bra. Any other clothing that, at the discretion of the Operations Lieutenant or Institution Duty Officer, resembles the style or color of inmate clothing i.e., khaki-colored clothing will not be allowed to be worn into the institution. At the discretion of the Operations Lieutenant or Institution Duty Officer, children under the age of twelve 12 will be allowed to wear shorts. No bare feet will be permitted excluding babies.
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