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Medical and Dental Sick Call

Inmates wishing to make a medical or dental sick call must appear at the Health Services Unit between when your unit is released for the morning meal on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and will be charged a two (2) dollar Co-Pay. Inmates must present their commissary I.D. card in order to obtain an appointment. A sick call form must be completed and submitted to Health Services staff conducting sick call. Your provider assigned to your housing unit will issue a call out appointment at a later date. All urgent care medical issues will be seen the same day depending on the nature of the problem. The work supervisor will release the inmate on the move to the Health Services Unit at the time of appointment. Upon arrival for the appointment, the inmate will hand his ID card at the window. If the inmate is more than fifteen minutes late for the appointment, it will be canceled. Sick call appointments are for the dentist and physician’s assistant. In order to see the physician, a referral must be made by the physician assistant, or a “request to Staff Member” (Cop-out) may be sent to the Health Services Unit, requesting an appointment with a physician.

Inmates must be dressed in institutional khakis clothing any time they are in the Health Services Unit during normal working hours. Sweatshirts sweat pants, and shorts are not allowed. There is no sick call on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday or holidays. Inmates who become ill after the regular sick call appointment sign-up period must have their work supervisor or unit officer call the Health Services Unit for an appointment. Inmates in Special Housing Unit are unable to sign up for this procedure. Therefore, a medical staff member makes rounds every morning for any sick call programs.

Medical Emergencies

Emergencies or serious injuries receive priority treatment. Inmates who become ill at times other than sick call sign up should request their detail supervisor or unit officer to contact the hospital for an appointment. Medical coverage on evenings, weekends and holidays is provided for NON-ROUTINE medical problems. No Co-Pay will be charged for Medical Emergencies unless the injury was a direct result of a fight or other violence act.


Medications are issued at the Pharmacy window located immediately inside the entrance to the Health Services Unit. Inmates must present their commissary I.D. card in order to pick up any medication, whether on pill line or medication that can be taken to the unit.


7:30 a.m.
3:00 p.m. medication pick up
7:30 p.m.
7:30 p.m.

Evening Insulin Line: 4:30 p.m. (After the 4:00 p.m. Count

Weekends and holidays are the same hours except for the morning pill line which is at 8:00 a.m. – 8:15 a.m.

By policy, the Pharmacist is the only person who may refill medications. Refills for medications may be dropped off at the morning, noon, and evening pill lines to be refilled, and may be picked up at another pill line. Refills will not be handed in at the 3:30 pill line on Friday, or over a weekend, until the Pharmacist is back on duty at the next working day of the following week.

Inmates in the Special Housing Unit will receive their medication on a daily basis. They must notify the physician’s assistant when sick call rounds are made in the morning, of any medications they are routinely on. The same policy applies to inmates in the Special Housing Unit pertaining to refills of medication.


Inmates needing routine dental care should request an examination by submitting an “Inmate Request to a Staff Member” (Cop-Out) to the dentist. Routine dental treatment includes all necessary radiographs, oral hygiene instructions, prophylaxis, amalgam and composite restorations, extractions, Pre-prosthetic surgery, temporary and stainless steel crowns, non-acute endodontic and periodontics treatment and fabrication of full and removable partial dentures. For care of urgent dental problems inmates should report to the Health Services Unit at regular sick call sign up and make an appointment. For dental emergencies after regular sick call, a Supervisor or Unit Officer must contact the Health Services Dental Department for an emergency appointment.


Inmates needing eyeglasses or new prescriptions should report to a routine sick call appointment. If indicated after examination, a referral to our consultant Optometrist will be made. A pair of government-made eyeglasses will be ordered after the Optometrist’s exam and issued to you after their arrival at this facility. Tinted lenses and contact lenses are not authorized. Inmates who want to purchase glasses from the community must send an “Inmate Request to Staff Member” to the Health Services Administrator with all the appropriate information needed. Photographs will be an accepted request. FCI Ray Brook will not be responsible for adjustment, repair or accuracy of the prescription for non-government purchased eyeglasses. When the eyeglasses are received via mail, they will be forwarded to the Health Services Unit. The inmate will then be placed on call-out and be required to sign a statement to the effect that he has received the eyeglasses.


All inmates arriving at this facility receive an initial medical history screening during the intake processing procedure in R&D. In addition, inmates who are new to the Federal Prison System or who do not have a current documented examination or mandatory tests from another federal facility will be scheduled for a complete physical examination or tests that are incomplete. The complete examination requires laboratory specimens of blood and urine, physical examination and dental screening. A tetanus toxoid injection will also be offered.

The tuberculin skin test is a mandatory program and will be completed within forty-eight (48) hours of arrival into the BOP system. The skin test (PPD) will be offered annually thereafter. A tuberculin skin test will be done unless it is documented there is a history of tuberculosis or a positive skin test in the past. The results of this test must be recorded in the medical record. Failure to comply with policy will result in an incident report, and inmates may be placed in the Special Housing Unit. As you are in a confined environment, these measures are necessary to ensure the general health and safety of the inmate population and to contain the possibility of communicable diseases. For any inmate with a history of positive tuberculin skin tests, it is necessary to have a chest x-ray yearly.

Inmates under 50 years of age are eligible for a complete physical examination every two (2) years.

Inmates who have reached the age of fifty (50) are eligible for annual physical, to include an electrocardiogram test, a rectal exam and tonometry. The inmate may request a physical examination, and submit an Inmate Request to Staff Member to the Health Services Unit.

Those individuals participating in the Pre-Release Program are eligible, upon request, to receive a physical examination sixty (60) days prior to release, if he has not had one within one year prior to the expected day of release. This must be requested by Cop-Out, addressed to the Health Services Unit, in order to have one scheduled.


If an inmate has been placed on call-out for a fasting laboratory test it will indicate LAB/FAST. This means that the inmate should not eat or drink anything after midnight, including breakfast, until the procedure has been performed. A breakfast will be scheduled after the test has been completed. A routine sick call should be made to obtain the results of any test, whether laboratory or x-ray.
9. ACTIVITY OR DUTY RESTRICTIONS: Restrictions applying to the level of activity or work are authorized by the Clinical Director reviewing the physical examination and reports of all laboratory, x-rays, and test results. Restrictions may also be given by the physician’s assistant at the time of injury, or medical problem that is acute, and not chronic in nature.

An idle from work indicates temporary disability not to exceed three (3) days duration including weekends and holidays; restricted to cell except for meals, barbering, religious services, sick call, visits and call outs. No recreation activity is allowed.

A convalescent status is a recovery period for an operation, injury or serious illness. This is not less than four (4) days and not to exceed thirty (30) days, subject to renewal. The inmate is excused from work and may not participate in any recreational activity outside the unit.


Pursuant to the Federal Prisoner Health Care Co-payment Act (FHCCA) of 2000 (P.L. 106-294.18 U.S.C. § 4048), The Federal Bureau of Prisons and FCI Ray Brook provide notice of the Inmate Co-payment Program for Health Care, Effective October 3, 2005.
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