FCI Safford Employment

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The Unit Team (normally the Correctional Counselor) is responsible for making inmate job assignments. Inmates normally will be placed on a job assignment most compatible with his interest or job skill. Inmates with severe financial needs will be considered for priority placement on the waiting list in Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR).

The regular work day for the inmate population starts at 7:30 a.m. and lasts until 3:30 p.m. Some work details stagger schedules such as UNICOR, Food Service, Laundry, Recreation, and the Unit Orderlies. Your detail supervisor will explain the normal work schedule should you be assigned to one of those details. Institution needs and medical status take priority over all other concerns when making job placements. Inmates must remain on their job for 90 days prior to getting a job change.
PERFORMANCE PAY: Performance pay may be awarded to inmates who have maintained good work habits and superior performance. Performance pay is awarded based on each individual job classification. You are encouraged to speak with your work supervisor concerning performance pay.


UNICOR: UNICOR employs large numbers of inmates and specializes in the production of textile products for sale to governmental agencies. Products are produced by an assembly line method. Assignments to UNICOR are made from a waiting list. To be placed on the waiting list you must file an application with your Unit Counselor. If eligible, while in UNICOR, you automatically earn Industries Good Time at the rate of three days per month for the first year and five days per month for each month thereafter. By law, you cannot earn Industries Good Time in UNICOR and Meritorious Good Time at the same time. Everyone assigned to UNICOR begins at the lowest pay grade, unless they have prior UNICOR experience, and have not received a disciplinary transfer. Depending on the quality of your work, interest, initiative, prior work history in UNICOR, and education level, you may progress to first grade pay (see attached pay schedule).
Whenever you are absent from your job, you will not be paid. You will receive pay for all legal holidays.

During the first year, it is possible to earn up to six days vacation and up to 12 days for each year thereafter. Depending on the factory status, you may take your vacation or work and receive vacation and work pay.

1st grade = $1.15 per hour
2nd grade = $ .92 per hour
3rd grade = $ .69 per hour
4th grade = $ .46 per hour
5th grade = $ .23 per hour

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