FCI Safford Personal Property

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Personal property authorized for retention will be limited to those items listed below which can be neatly and safely stored within the cubicle locker space provided. Personal property accumulation to the point of becoming a safety, security, sanitation, or housekeeping problem will not be permitted.

LEGAL MATERIALS: Retention of legal materials will be permitted provided the materials can be stored within storage space provided. The inmate must demonstrate a verifiable need for additional storage space for ongoing legal matters. Unit Staff will monitor and verify the need for additional storage space for legal matters.
STAMPS: Inmates may only have 60 stamps (3 books) in their personal property at one time. If additional postage is needed for special mailing, it must be approved by the Unit Team.

COMBINATION LOCKS: Inmates will not be permitted to plug the keyway of their personal combination locks. Locks that cannot be opened through the use of a master key will not be permitted.

RADIOS: Inmates are limited to the possession of one radio. Radios may be played in the dormitory only with the use of an earphone. No personal property may be loaned or transferred to another inmate. Radios must be engraved with the owner’s register number. Any radio with an altered register number will be confiscated.

HOBBY CRAFT MATERIALS: Hobby craft materials will be stored in an area designated by the Associate Warden.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Musical instruments are not permitted or played in the dormitory areas. However, they are permitted to be played at a reasonable volume in the music room, patios, or outside recreation. They may not be played in these areas during normal business hours.



3 trousers 1 blanket (summer) 1 sweat suit
3 shirts 2 blankets (winter) 1 jogging suit
6 underwear 2 bed sheets 2 athletic shorts
6 T-shirts 1 pillow 2 pair athletic shoes
6 pair socks 1 pillow case 1 weight lifting belt
1 jacket 3 towels 1 tennis racket
1 pair shoes 3 wash clothes 1sweat band
1 web belt 1 mattress 1. pr. weight lifting gloves
1 cap 1 bedside locker 5 pair athletic socks
2 laundry bags


commissary hobby craft
legal materials 1 watch
1 Storage container 1 radio & earphones
1 plastic pitcher photo album
1 shaving kit/bag 1 shower slippers
personal papers, letters, Religious article
photos, etc. wedding band (no stones)

Authorized property is limited to items purchased through approved channels, issued by authorized institution staff, or approved items authorized for retention at FCI Safford.
Storage space consists of one bedside locker. Property authorized for retention is limited to property which can be stored neatly and safely within the storage space provided.


Those inmates who are near release or have been approved to participate in furloughs may have clothing sent in, to be worn only when departing the institution and when returning to the institution. The authorizing department is the Unit Team. Medical items must be authorized by the Medical Department, religious items by the Religious Department, and educational items by the Education Department.

If an inmate sustains a loss of property as a result of negligence of an employee at a privately managed prison, the inmate has a right to file a claim with that prison.

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