FCI Safford Visitation

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Regular visiting will be between the hours of 8:00
a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Saturday, Sunday, and all designated FEDERAL

Visitor Dress

Visiting dress rules apply equally to male and
female visitors.

1. Anyone wearing clothing considered to be too revealing will
not be allowed to visit. This may include sun dresses,
leotards, miniskirts, backless tops, any sleeveless garment,
crop tops, low cut necklines, sheer fabric, see through
lace, and clothing of spandex material. No open-toed shoes
or sandals of any kind are allowed.

2. Any clothing more than three (3) inches above the knee will
be considered too short and will not be permitted to enter
the institution. This includes shorts, dresses, sun
dresses, miniskirts, culottes, and any dress or skirt with a
high cut split, in back, front of side, etc. This applies
to all visitors regardless of age.

3. Any type of gang insignia, i.e., gang art work of any type
on a visitor’s clothing, design in their hair, displaying
affiliation with gangs, will be brought to the attention of
the Operation’s Lieutenant. Any type of military style
clothing including camouflage clothing will not be allowed.

4. Any clothing similar to inmate clothing such as khaki type
will not be permitted. Hats or caps will not be permitted
inside the Visiting Room.

5. Visitors wearing religious headwear may be asked to provide
the headwear for a search if first authorized by the Warden
or his/her designee and if staff have reasonable suspicion
that the religious headwear contains contraband. The IDO
and Operations Lieutenant will be notified prior to any
search of religious headwear. Once approval for the search
of the headwear is approved by the Warden or his/her
designee, a staff member of the same sex as the visitor
wearing the religious headwear should ask the visitor if
they would consent to a visual inspection of their headwear.
If the visitor refuses, the visitor will not be allowed to
enter the institution. If the visitor consents to the
search, the staff member should escort the visitor to a
private place. The visitor then should be instructed to
remove the religious headwear to allow the staff member to
conduct a search of the headwear.

6. If it is determined that the visitor is dressed
inappropriately, the visitor will not be allowed entrance,
but will be given the option to visit the inmate only after
appropriate dress has been obtained.

7. Clothing that is questionable for a correctional setting
will be referred to the Institutional Duty Officer who will
make the final decision to approve or deny the visit.

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