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It is the policy of UNICOR (Federal Prison Industries) to employ and train inmates at this institution. All employable inmates
are encouraged to take advantage of the industrial programs offered. Policies and procedures have been established to ensure that the needs of the institution are being met and that every inmate has an equal opportunity to participate in the
industrial program.

Upon arrival at this institution, you are assigned to a Unit Team which is responsible for your activities while you are here.
The Unit Team will review your file and make recommendations based on this and interviews with you. After your team determines your eligibility, your name will be placed on the appropriate Industrial Waiting List. The request to be employed in UNICOR will come from you via a Request to a Staff Member form to your Unit Team. You will be called for an interview to determine your specific shop assignment. If you were employed in UNICOR at another institution and you were sent here on an administrative transfer, you will be placed on the Prior Industries Waiting List.

The Superintendent of Industries has the option to select an individual having the skills to fill key positions even though the individual may not be on the top of the waiting list. These jobs are usually announced via a “UNICOR Job Announcement”. Once assigned to UNICOR, you will be expected to comply with UNICOR rules and regulations. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations may result in a grade reduction or removal (termination) from UNICOR. The Superintendent of Industries is the approving official for all demotions and removals from Industries. Anyone removed from UNICOR for non-compliance to rules and regulations will not be considered for reemployment for 90 days, and then only if the work reports from subsequently held jobs have been satisfactory. To be reemployed you must request to be placed on the waiting list via a Request to Staff Member form to your Unit Team.


UNICOR work hours are 7:45 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Lunch hours are staggered between the UNICOR departments to avoid long lines in the dining room.


Effective 1 October 1990 UNICOR provides five (5) standard hourly rates:

5 .23
4 .46
3 .69
2 .92
1 1.15

All overtime pay is computed on a double-time basis. The normal work day is 7 hours. To receive overtime pay you must first have worked 7 hours on the day you work overtime. Your payroll is computed by the UNICOR Business Office and forwarded to the Institution Business Office following the month being paid. Questions about payroll should be addressed with your foreman whenever possible. An appointment with the UNICOR Operating Accountant is also available if the question has not been addressed to your satisfaction.


All inmates working in UNICOR are paid for ten holidays per year. To be eligible for holiday pay you must be
in pay status the day before and the day after the holiday.


Inmates who have worked for UNICOR 18 months will be eligible to receive 10 cents extra for each hour in pay status. Inmates who have worked for UNICOR for 30 months will be eligible to receive 15 cents extra for each hour in pay status. Inmates who have worked for UNICOR for 42 months will be eligible to receive 20 cents extra per hour in pay status. Inmates who have worked for UNICOR for 60 months will be eligible to receive 25 cents extra per hour in pay status. Inmates who have worked for UNICOR for 84 months will be eligible to receive 30 cents extra per hour in pay status.


UNICOR inmates who fall under the old sentencing guidelines receive three extra days good time during the first year of employment and five days after one year of employment.

All inmates employed in UNICOR are eligible for vacations. You receive maximum credit of 1/2 day per month for the first year of employment and one day per month after one year. Vacation forms must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date the vacation is to begin. Vacations can be denied by your Foreman, Factory Manager, Superintendent of Industries, or the Unit Team. Clear conduct for 30 days prior to a vacation application is necessary (if you receive an incident report 30 days or less prior to your request for vacation your request will be denied). Upon the recommendation of your immediate supervisor, the Superintendent of Industries may declare vacation credit unearned because of unsatisfactory work performance.


Advancement within UNICOR is based on demonstrated ability, compliance with rules and regulations, vacancy in grade, and other factors. When promotions are made, they will be effective the first working day of the month. Poor working habits, excessive breaks, and long absences from one’s work station will result in no promotion and possible demotion or termination. You must earn the promotion. Grades may be taken away at the recommendation of the immediate work supervisor. Inmates starting in Pay Grade 5 are required to spend a minimum of 30 days before becoming eligible for pay Grade 4. Promotions to pay Grades 3, 2, and 1, will be 90 days. The minimum time-in-grade requirement may not apply when you have prior FPI work experience.


You must have a GED or high school diploma before becoming eligible for promotion above
Grade 4 per Program Statement 5350.28.


All inmates assigned to the Financial Responsibility Program with obligations of $1,000 or more, will be placed on the Industries fine list by the Unit Team and will be eligible for priority placement in UNICOR. Inmates assigned to this program working in a UNICOR work area will be required to pay on their financial obligation. How much is paid will be determined by your Unit Team and guidelines outlined in Program Statement 5380.02, Inmate Financial Responsibility Program. If you refuse to participate in this program, you Unit Team will remove your name from the UNICOR waiting list and you will not be eligible for a UNICOR work assignment. In the event you are already assigned to UNICOR and you refuse to participate, you will be removed immediately from UNICOR.
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