FCI Sandstone Religious Programs

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Every individual may voluntarily pursue his religious beliefs and practices. The chaplains are intent on assisting you in your chosen path of spirituality. We encourage you to develop your spiritual life by searching, growing, making new commitments, worshiping, learning, fellowship, and serving. Although all of these are voluntary without either temporal reward or penalty, participation in religious programs at the institution is encouraged.

There are two resident chaplains who coordinate religious programs and who serve as pastors in this institution. Worship services and religious studies are led regularly by staff, outside clergy, volunteers, and inmates. Some of the outside spiritual leadership includes Catholic priests, Jewish rabbis, a Muslim imam, Jehovah’s Witness elders, Buddhist teachers, and Mormon elders. There are a variety of worship activities, prayer opportunities, and religious classes available each week. There are many concerned and helpful volunteers committed to providing meaningful opportunities for you to develop your spiritual life.

There is an outdoor worship area for those who practice religions that require outdoor space for ceremonies. There are three areas inside the chapel that are used for meetings. A wide variety of religious literature of all faiths is free and available. The chapel boasts an extensive library of books, periodicals, CDs, cassettes, and videotapes.

The chapel is typically open seven days, including three evenings. Regular schedules are posted monthly on the unit bulletin board as well as in the chapel. If there are changes to this schedule they will be posted on the chapel outside the entrance door. The religious services staff schedules are posted along with the monthly schedules. Ordinarily there is a religious services staff in the institution seven days per week. All are welcome to utilize the chapel resources.


Life Connections is a pilot program offered through the chaplaincy. It is an 18 month in-resident opportunity for any inmate to develop their faith and integrate it into their daily experience. The chapel offers information and a monthly orientation that explains who is eligible and how to participate. Stop by the chapel and pick up a brochure or sign up for the orientation if you are interested. Orientations are held on the second Wednesday of the month.
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