FCI Sandstone Visitation

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Visiting Room Operations

1. Authorized visiting days are Sunday, Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Federal Holidays,
8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. No visitors will be allowed in to visit after 2:30 p.m. Legal
holidays are New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King’s birthday, President’s Day, Memorial
Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day
and Christmas Day. Visiting on Federal Holidays will not count toward the monthly
visiting total.

2. Visiting is on an odd/even basis for Saturday and Sunday. Odd and even is determined by
the fifth digit of the register number. (The number “0″ is considered an even number).
Inmates having an odd register number will visit on the odd designated weekends of the
month; even register numbers will visit on even designated weekends. There is no
odd/even restriction for visits during the weekdays, or federal holidays. A schedule listing
the even/odd weekends will be posted in the units. Exception to the odd and even rule
may be made only with the prior approval of the Unit Manager.


The Federal Correctional Institution is located North of Minneapolis, in Sandstone, Minnesota.
The exact address of the institution is 2300 County Road 29, Sandstone, MN 55072 (320-245-
6173 main switchboard). The institution is located northeast of I-35 by approximately 2 miles.
Travelers coming to the institution on Interstate 35 (I-35) will take the Sandstone Exit #191 and
travel east on Highway 23 South. You will go approximately 0.4 miles and will take a right onto
Highway 123. You will go 0.5 miles on Highway 123. At 3rd street you will take a right, this road
is both 3rd and a continuation of Highway 123. You will continue on that road for approximately
1.5 miles. When you reach County Road 29 (Prison Road) you will turn right and follow that road
until you reach the institution.

The Minneapolis International Airport is located in Minneapolis, MN, approximately 98 miles
south of the institution. Directions from the airport: Take left ramp onto MN-5 E to ward St.
Paul. When you reach I-35E N take a right onto it. You will travel north on I-35E for
approximately 25 miles. I-35 E will then merge with I-35 W to become simply I-35 North. Travel
I-35 for approximately 64 miles until you reach the Sandstone Exit #191. Upon reaching the exit
follow the instructions to the institution as listed above.


FCI Sandstone is located in the rural area of Sandstone, MN with several lodging accommodations located in Sandstone and the surrounding cities of Hinckley and Askov. Refer to the yellow pages for lodging and transportation information.

Dress Code

Visitors are to be dressed in good taste. Visiting is a family activity and order must be
maintained. All visitors must wear footwear. Short shorts, mini skirts, short culottes,
halter tops, spandex clothing, or other apparel revealing in nature are prohibited (i.e., tight
pants). Proper undergarments must be worn. Knee length shorts may be worn. The
Lieutenant or IDO will determine if a visitor is improperly dressed.
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