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The Recreation Department is designed to give every inmate an opportunity to participate in either a physical or nonphysical activity. You might choose to develop your own program, or join in on our structured league programs.

The Recreation Department consists of three areas: the Gymnasium, Outside Recreation Yard and Leisure Center (arts and crafts/music areas).


The FCI will provide the facilities and equipment for the following activities: Basketball Racquetball Bocce Ball Soccer Handball Volleyball Horseshoes Jogging/Walking Softball Wiffleball Flag Football Indoor Floor Hockey Physical Fitness and Health Education Programs

Unsportsmanlike conduct in any recreational activity will not be tolerated. Inmates violating this rule will be subject to disciplinary action.


The FCI will provide the facilities and equipment for the following table games: Backgammon Checkers Spades Bid Whist Dominoes Table Tennis Billiards Foosball Bridge Gin Chess Pinochle Other Suitable Table Games

Various table games and supplies are available to be checked out through the recreation department and unit. The recreation department will require an inmate to purchase any equipment with a short expectancy life for unorganized recreational activities.


Inmates wanting to participate in the recreation department’s music program must receive an orientation from the recreation staff before utilizing the music rooms or equipment. Spectators will not be authorized in these rooms.


Special programs and activities are planned throughout the year. These may include such things as special movies, holiday sporting events, holiday tournaments/contests, and inmate music shows.


The main art and hobby craft area is located in the leisure center. Limited programs are available in the living units. For a detailed list of the art and craft items available, see the Recreation Department.

Prior to utilizing this area, you must receive an art/hobby craft orientation from the Recreation Department. To be considered for this program, submit an Inmate Request to Staff Member, to any Recreation Staff Member, indicating which activity you would like to enroll in. You will then be placed on a waiting list and notified when an opening becomes available. All participants enrolled in the programs limited to the indoor recreation areas will be issued a storage locker. A combination padlock must be purchased within 14 days of the date the locker was issued to each participant or he will be dropped from the program.

For the hours of operation, see the Recreation Department. More detailed information is provided in the Education and Recreation Handbook.

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