FCI Schuylkill Visitation

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Visiting Times

Regular visiting for the FCI will be conducted Thursday through Sunday, and Federal holidays, 8:30 AM through 3:00 PM. Camp visiting will be conducted on weekends and Federal holidays only, 8:30 AM through 3:00 PM. All visitors will be out of the Visiting Room by 3:30 PM. No inmate visitors will be permitted to enter the facility to begin a visit after 2:30 PM. During weekends and holidays, all inmate traffic to and from the Visiting Room will be terminated at 9:30 AM in preparation for the 10:00 AM official count.

Visitor’s Dress Code/Authorized Items

Front Entrance Officer will ensure that all visitors are dressed appropriately. Khaki color clothing (FCI Only), sunglasses (except prescription), hats (including baseball) except religious, see-through blouses, sleeveless blouses, tank tops, miniskirts, spandex pants and shorts that expose the knee or above are not considered appropriate apparel and will not be authorized. Only children under 16 years old are permitted to wear shorts.

Normally, the Lobby Officer will use his own discretion. When there is a question, the Lobby Officer will notify the Operations Lieutenant of any potential visitor considered not to be appropriately dressed. The Lieutenant or Institution Duty Officer will then proceed to the Lobby and make a determination as to whether the visitor is appropriately dressed. If the visit is not allowed, those staff involved will submit memoranda to the Captain and the inmate’s Central File explaining the circumstances of the denial.

Visitors are permitted to carry only the following items into the Visiting Room: clear see-through change purses or billfolds, and reasonable baby care items (5 diapers, one pacifier, baby formula in see-through plastic bottles, and baby food in see-through plastic containers.) Lifesaving medications will be identified and exhibited to the Visiting Room Officer for documentation and accountability. The Visiting Room Officer will maintain control of the medications during the visit. Strollers and other carrying devices will not be allowed. Normally, the Medical Department will provide wheelchairs. All items must be capable of being searched prior to entering the Visiting Room.

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