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It is the policy of the Bureau of Prisons to provide health care and medical treatment during incarceration necessary to maintain the health status of the individual. The opportunity to seek medical attention is an undeniable inmate right. The decision regarding appointment time and treatment lies solely with the Health Services Staff.

Hours of Operation

The Health Services Unit shall be staffed by medical personnel seven days a week. There are established procedures for emergency care at other times.

Sick Call Procedures

Routine medical Sick Call shall be offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday on an appointment basis. Inmates desiring treatment are responsible for making their appointments at the reception desk in the Health Services Unit, on the second floor of Building 9. These appointments may be obtained between 6:00- 6:30 AM ONLY. A clinical staff member shall screen all appointment requests and schedule an appointment time based upon the needs of the patient. If it is determined that an inmate is too ill to report to work, he will remain at the clinic until treatment is completed. The Health Services Staff shall notify the Detail Supervisor of the inmate’s location and maintain accountability of the inmate. A qualified health care practitioner will provide Sick Call at least four work days per week.

Inmates will be scheduled for a future Sick Call appointment based upon the needs of the patient.

Dental Care/Dental Emergency Care

Requests for routine dental care (i.e., prophylactic cleaning, routine dental care, etc.) shall be through written request on an Inmate Request to Staff Member (Cop-out). When the request is received, the inmate will be placed on the waiting list for treatment. Treatment will be provided on a first come, first serve basis. The waiting list entry date will determine priority. During normal working hours, emergency dental care will be provided during sick call sign up from 6:00 – 6:30 AM, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The inmate will receive a dental appointment to be evaluated by one of the dentists between the hours of 8:00 – 9:00 AM If an emergency occurs after sick call appointment hours, the inmate’s detail foreman or Unit Officer must contact the dental clinic to set up an appointment. Emergency dental care includes those procedures directed toward the immediate relief of pain, treatment of traumatic injuries, acute infections, and the repair of prosthetic appliances. After normal working hours, 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM, weekends, and holidays, the Physician Assistant on duty will provide emergency dental care. When the emergency situation is beyond the scope of the PA’s expertise, the on-call dentist will be consulted to determine the emergency treatment needed, will return to the institution, and/or refer to the appropriate dental facility for care.

Administrative Detention and Disciplinary Segregation

Sick call rounds are held by the medical staff on a daily basis, during the day shift. All medications with restricted issue will be delivered to each individual at the time specified by the prescriber.

Emergency Care

Inmates becoming ill or receiving an injury requiring immediate medical or dental care should be sent to the outpatient clinic by the Unit Officer or Detail Supervisor, who will alert the medical staff of the emergency. In cases of serious emergencies (i.e., heart attack, serious bleeding, etc.) the Operations Lieutenant is authorized to transport the inmate to the local contract hospital. If ambulance transfer is required, the Seagoville Fire Department/Central Ambulance Service will be used. The Health Services Administrator or Assistant Health Services Administrator shall be notified as soon as possible of any emergency admission to an outside hospital.

All care is delivered through the use of Primary Care Provider Team’s. This means that each inmate is assigned a team consisting of doctors, mid-level practitioners (“PA’s”), nurses, and medical records staff. Patients are assigned to teams by their 4th and 5th register number. The team members and patient caseload are as follows:
Team I
Clinical Director – FCI-Reg No 00-99; FPC- Reg No 00-99
Mid-Level Practitioner I – FPC – Reg No 00-99
Staff Nurse II – FPC- Reg No 00-99; FCI – Reg No 00-99
Health Information Technician (FCI/Camp) FCI- Reg No 00-49; FPC – Reg No 00-99
Team II
Staff Physician – FCI Reg No 50-99
Health Information Technician (FCI/FDC) – FCI-Reg No 50-99
Alternate staff members may provide care during the absence of a team member.

Medical Duty Status

A newly committed inmate will not be given a permanent job assignment until completion of a physical examination and determination of any medical restrictions by the Chief of Health Programs. Each Friday, a member of the medical staff will enter the duty status on the SENTRY Inmate Profile for all inmates who have completed physical examinations that week. Job assignments of inmates shall be made within the guidelines of any restrictions approved by the Chief of Health Programs. Duty restrictions shall be given in specific limitations (i.e., “Not to work at heights or around machinery”, “No lifting over lbs.
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