FCI Seagoville Religious Programs

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Through the years inmates have found religious faith and activities to be a significant influence on their lives, especially during incarceration when time, forethought, and reflection are readily available. The Religious Services Department consists of Chaplains and a Religious Assistant. In addition, there are several part-time Chaplains and over 150 citizen volunteers representing many religious faith groups.

The Chapel is located at the east end of Building Three (3). Just as participation in the Chapel program is always on a voluntary basis, everyone is always welcome! Chapel schedules are distributed at the Admission and Orientation session and are posted on the compound-side bulletin board, as well as the inside bulletin board of the Chapel and presents approximately 140 organized religious programs per month representing most major faith groups.

All inmates are encouraged to investigate Chapel opportunities for faith and personal growth as well as a productive way of doing time. The Chapel is normally open seven days a week and operates with an Open Door Policy. No appointments are necessary.


Call-out: Should you desire to participate in Islamic Jumah Prayer, you must submit an Inmate Request to Staff Member form to the Chaplains. If you are Native American and desire to participate in Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, you must submit an Inmate Request to Staff Member form to one of the Religious Services staff members.

Religious Diet Program: The Religious Diet Program is available for those inmates wishing to maintain religious diets. Application for the Religious Diet Program participation for religious reasons should be made through the Office of the Chaplains.

Sacred/Ritual Smoke The only authorized area for “sacred tobacco” use in religious rituals will be held during scheduled religious programs at the Outdoor Worship Area. Inmates are not permitted to smoke in this area at any other time.

Emergency Telephone Calls: Chaplains are empowered to make telephone calls regarding immediate family on an emergency basis only. Should you have a death or serious illness in your immediate family, the Chaplains will make every attempt to assist you.

The Chapel offers a religious library for inmates who choose to use it. Catalogs are available for anyone who wishes to purchase religious items which are considered personal property. Chaplains are available to discuss your needs on an individual basis.

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