FCI Sheridan Correspondence

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Legal mail/special correspondence must be clearly marked as such to avoid possible opening and screening as “general mail.” Mail is treated in accordance with the United States Postal Service Regulations, the Bureau of Prisons Program Statement on Correspondence and the Mail Management Manual which are on file in the law library.

Incoming “Legal Mail/Special Mail” is not opened in the mail room if it is clearly marked, and is being sent by a specific legal counsel/attorney. This mail will be forwarded to the Unit Staff and then opened in your presence. You will be required to sign a log book indicating you have received your legal mail.

Mail is delivered to inmates Monday through Friday after the 4 p.m. count at the Unit Officer’s station. On Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays there is no mail delivery. All outgoing mail will be handed to the unit officer unsealed and will be picked up daily. Outgoing legal mail will be given to the Unit Officer after general correspondence has been handed out.

Your mail is not routinely censored, but it is screened for contraband according to the policy of the Bureau of Prisons. Incoming mail is opened, inspected and stapled/taped.

You may receive hard cover publications direct from the publisher, a bookstore, or a book club. Soft cover materials (magazines and paperback books) publications must be sent from the publisher. Newspapers are allowed by subscription only.

Inmates are authorized to receive certain types of packages in the mail (Package Authorization forms are available from your Unit Team). A package is defined as a bundle, usually small or medium sized, that is packed, padded, wrapped, or boxed. Additionally, an article weighing 16 ounces or more containing other than paper material or excessive paper materials will be considered a package and will require approval.

Some packages are authorized under other BOP policies (i.e.: magazines, special mail, paperback books, educational or legal materials) and you are not required to have these packages pre-approved. These packages must be marked with words “Authorized by Bureau Policy.” They are intended to alert mail room staff that enclosed materials contain matter which does not require prior approval. These markings assist mail room staff in identifying and processing the material to avoid erroneous returns.

All postage requirements will be your responsibility. Postage stamps are to be purchased through the Commissary and cannot be received through the mail.

If you transferred from another Federal Institution, the R&D officer will either place you on call out or contact your supervisor for you to receive all authorized property after its arrival.

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