FCI Sheridan Educational Programs

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We stress education at Sheridan, both in the academic and in vocational training programs, as preparation for your release. We believe the more education you have, the easier it will be for you to return successfully to society.

You are, therefore urged to look into educational opportunities available and to take full advantage of them. Through the classification process, your Unit Team may, include educational self-improvement as one of your institution goals, should the need be evident.

To serve as a guide for your future planning, the following are general descriptions of the available programs. Educational Handbooks that give further information on programs are available through your Educational Advisor if you wish to have one.

General Literacy/Mandatory Requirements

Generally, inmates who have been incarcerated in any Federal Bureau of Prisons facility on or after May 1, 1991, will have the following educational requirements or options. Under VCCLEA/PLRA, inmates with GED requirements must be enrolled and satisfactorily participating in the GED program in order to vest good time. VVCLEA/PLRA inmates will participate for a minimum of 240 instructional hours. Unsatisfactory inmates accrue 42 days good time instead of 54 days, unless you are identified as an inmate alien who have confirmed order of deportation, exclusion, or removal, who do not have a high school diploma or GED, you will not have to demonstrate satisfactory progress toward earning a GED credential to be considered for the full benefits of GCT. An unsatisfactory status could also affect furloughs, transfers, sentence computations and halfway house.

General Education Development Program (GED)

The GED Program is mandatory for all inmates who do not have written documentation of a high school diploma or GED Certificate, who were sentenced on or after May 1, 1991. This documentation must be verified in your Pre-Sentence Investigation Report, be an original certificate, or an official transcript verifying graduation. A.A., B.A., M.S., M.A., and PhD. degrees will be accepted in lieu of a high school diploma. The program will include levels ranging from grade K-12. All classes are open entry/open exit and are offered throughout the year. GED instruction and testing are generally available in both English and Spanish. A GED Certificate will be required, and/or one must demonstrate 480 hours of satisfactory progress towards earning a GED to secure work assignments above the fourth (4th) pay grade level.

Inmates participating in GED and Literacy programs can receive incentive awards for Student of the Month, satisfactory completions of various achievements and for completing the GED. Students having passed the GED exam will receive a $25 incentive award.

English As A Second Language For Non-English Speaking Inmates

English as a Second Language is mandatory for all inmates who were sentenced on or after May 1, 1991, who do not have INS detainers and who do not speak English at an eighth grade level. It is also offered to inmates who voluntarily wish to improve their English-speaking skills and vocabulary.

Optional Education Classes

Adult Continuing Education courses
Parenting Program
Advance Occupation Education “College” Program
Social Programs/Career Counseling
Correspondence Program
Vocational Training Programs
Scholarship Program
Apprenticeship Programs
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