FCI Sheridan Employment

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All inmates will have a work assignment and are required to work. Pay ranges from $.14 to $.40 per hour. Work assignments to one of the following departments are made through your Unit Team and are based upon quotas established by the Performance Pay Committee. A few of the larger departments are:

Mechanical Services is responsible for maintenance, utilities, and new construction. Valuable training and experience can be gained from assignment to the Powerhouse, Plumbing, Paint, Welding, Machine Shops, Electrical, Air Conditioning, Steam fitting or Landscape Details.

Food Service has the responsibility of preparing and serving meals to inmates, staff and visitors. A wide range of job experiences is available to assigned inmates.

Trust Fund includes the Commissary sales unit operation, and laundry facilities.

UNICOR (Federal Prison Industries)

The UNICOR Factory is the largest single employer of inmates at FCI Sheridan. There are many incentives to holding a position in one of the UNICOR operations. The pay starts at $.23 an hour for 5th grade and goes up to $1.15 per hour at 1st grade. There is also a possible $.20 an hour increase for Premium Pay and a $.30 an hour increase for longevity pay for a maximum hourly wage of $1.65 per hour. Other benefits include: Industrial Good Time, vacation pay, holiday pay and Incentive Awards for outstanding performance.

To apply for a UNICOR assignment, see your Unit Team or send an Inmate Request to Staff Member to your Unit Counselor. Your name will be placed on the waiting list and you will be hired when your name comes up on the list. Priority placement is given to those with prior UNICOR experience or court ordered financial obligations.


All inside building work assignments will require full khaki shirts and pants. Those work details that are on outside assignments must wear a minimum of a pair of khaki pants (long) and T-shirt. All work assignments require safety shoes be worn.
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