FCI Sheridan Visitation

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Visiting Schedule

Visits are regularly scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Federal holidays. Special
Housing Unit inmates will visit on Thursday from 8:30 a.m.
to 3:00 p.m. Each inmate at the FCI will receive twelve
(12) visiting points per month.

Proper Dress for Visitors

Inmates are responsible for informing prospective visitors that the way they dress should be within the bounds of good taste and should not possibly offend others who may be present in the Visiting Room. Visitors wearing transparent clothing will not be admitted into the institution. Halter tops, sleeveless tops/dresses, shorts, (not to include capri or three quarter length pants), miniskirt, culottes and spandex will not be allowed. Dresses will be no higher than the knee top. Blouses or other apparel of a suggestive nature (i.e., low-cut V-Neck, tank tops, or any garment that reveals the mid-section) will not be allowed. Due to inmates wearing similar clothing, jogging and/or sweat suits will not be permitted to enter the institution. Sweat shirts/pants, jogging outfits (pants or jackets) are not allowed to be worn in conjunction with regular civilian style clothing if similar to inmate clothing. Any other clothing that, at the direction of the shift Lieutenant or Institutional Duty Officer (IDO), resembles the style or color of inmate clothing (i.e., Khaki colored clothing, or the green worn by camp inmates), will not be allowed to be worn into the institution. At the discretion of the shift Lieutenant or Institutional Duty Officer, children under the age of twelve (12) will be allowed to wear shorts. No bare feet will be permitted (excluding babies). No open toed (i.e. flip-flop)shoes are authorized in the visiting room.


The Federal Correctional Institution, Sheridan, Oregon, is located off State
Highway 18, on the outskirts of the town of Sheridan. The institution is situated
approximately 50 miles southwest of Portland and 25 miles northwest of Salem.
FROM PORTLAND: Interstate Highway 5 south to Highway 99W. Proceed west on Highway
99W toward McMinnville. Take the Highway 18 bypass (Ocean Beaches) around the
town of McMinnville. Continue on State Highway 18 toward the beach. Approximately
13 miles west on State Highway 18, take the second Sheridan exit, and turn right
off of the ramp. The institution is located on the south side of the highway and
is noticeable from the exit.

FROM SALEM: State Highway 22 west toward Dallas/Beach Cities. Continue on State
Highway 22 to the Valley Junction turn-off to Highway 18 East. Continue on Highway
18 East to Sheridan off ramp. Turn left, and the institution is approximately
1/4 of a mile on Ballston Road.


FCI Sheridan is located in a rural area, and lodging is limited. However, listed below are the facilities nearest the institution:

1330 W. Main Street
Sheridan, Oregon
503-843-3151 OR 503-843-3226

345 N. Highway 99W
McMinnville, Oregon

2056 S. Highway 99W
McMinnville, Oregon
503-472-9493 OR 800-525-5469

2035 S. Highway 99W
McMinnville, Oregon
503-472-4900 or 800-285-6242

2520 SE Stratus Avenue
McMinnville, Oregon
503-472-1700 or 877-424-6423

2535 NE Cumulus Avenue
McMinnville, Oregon
503-472-1500 or 800-733-5466


This area has no public transportation (city bus service) between the institution and the surrounding areas. There are private transportation services that are available. However, privately owned vehicles or rentals would be optimum.

Prestige Limo (503) 472-7980 (McMinnville)
Shamrock Taxi (503) 472-5333 (McMinnville)
Greyhound Bus Lines (503) 362-2428 (Salem)

Mailing Address:

FCI Sheridan FDC/SCP Sheridan
P.O. Box 5000 P.O. Box 6000
Sheridan, Oregon 97378 Sheridan, Oregon 97378
Phone: 503-843-4442 Phone: 503-843-7663

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