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All inmates are expected to maintain a regular job assignment. Ordinarily the first work assignment will be to the Food Service Department for 90 days. Job assignments are controlled through a Performance Pay System, which provides monetary payment for work. Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR) has a separate pay scale. Unit staff approves job changes and see that the changes are posted on the Daily Change Sheet.

UNICOR employs and trains inmates through the operation of the Call Center. An inmate Request Form (Cop-Out) must be submitted to the Call Center Factory Manager for possible employment in the Call Center. A keyboarding assessment is required for all applicants. Inmates with computer crimes will not be considered for employment.


Working closely with the Administrative Office of the Courts and the Department of Justice, the Bureau administers a systematic payment program for court-imposed fines, fees, and costs. All designated inmates are required to develop a financial plan to meet their financial obligations. These obligations may include: Special assessments imposed under 18 USC 3013, Court Ordered Restitution, fines and court costs; judgments in favor of the U.S., other debts owed the Federal Government, and other court-ordered obligations (e.g., child support, alimony, and other judgments).
Institution staff assists in planning, but the inmate is responsible for making all payments required, either from earnings within the institution, or from outside resources. The inmate must provide documentation of compliance and payment. If an inmate refuses to meet his obligations,

the inmate cannot work for UNICOR nor receive performance pay above the maintenance pay level ($5.25).
The status of any financial plan will be included in all progress reports, and will be considered by staff when determining Security/Custody level, job assignments, eligibility for community activities, and institutional program changes. The U.S. Parole Commission will also review financial responsibility progress at parole hearings.

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