FCI Tallahassee Programs

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A Parenting Program is available to all inmates. The program is designed to support positive relationships between inmates, their spouses, and their children during the incarceration period. The program provides education on improving family interaction during incarceration, promote a constructive family value system and offer opportunities to counteract negative behavior which may result when a parent is incarcerated.


Leisure activities and recreation programs are also supervised by the Education Department. These programs help develop an individual wellness concept for participants. Programs include indoor and outdoor activities, and range from individualized arts and crafts programs to intramural team sports such as softball, basketball, and volleyball. Physical fitness and weight reduction programs are also important activities for inmates and contribute to mental health, good interpersonal relationships and stress reduction. In addition, inmates can learn to use their free time constructively.


Limited musical instruments are available in the Recreation area. These instruments will remain in the Recreation area.


Hobbycraft programs include activities such as: painting, leather, art and ceramics. Completed projects that are authorized by the Recreation Department may be mailed home with an approved visiting list. Inmates are not allowed to have completed projects in their living quarters.


The Pre-Release Program is designed to assist inmates in preparing themselves for release. Inmates will be given aid in developing plans for their personal lives and for work. These programs offer classes and information seminars concerning the personal, social, and legal responsibilities of civilian life. Routinely scheduled information sessions with U.S. Probation Officers, U.S. Parole Commission members, and other agencies and employers are available.
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