FCI Tallahassee Visitation

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Visiting Schedule

FCI visiting hours will be from 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., Friday through Sunday.

Facility Location/ Directions

FCI/ FDC Tallahassee is located at 501 Capital Circle, Northeast, Tallahassee, Florida, 32301. The entrance to the facility is located on Conner Boulevard. Once on institution grounds, visitors should make a left turn and proceed to the parking area which is 1/4 mile ahead on the right for the FCI and one-half mile straight ahead for the FDC . The City of Tallahassee operates a bus line which has stops within walking distance of the institution. The institution can be contacted by the following phone number: (850) 878-2173.

Approved Visitors

Visits are permitted for those on the inmate’s approved visiting list as authorized by the unit team. Visitors are placed on the approved visiting list after suitable investigation from the usual sources, i.e., Pre-sentence Investigation Report, U.S. Probation Officer and local law enforcement agencies. A request will be sent to all law enforcement agencies identified by the NCIC check or by the visitor’s own admission. Regardless of the institution’s security level, the inmate must have known the proposed visitor(s) prior to incarceration. The Warden must approve any exception to this requirement. FDC inmates receive A&O handbooks during intake screening which provides instructions for visiting procedures. FDC inmates can request a Visiting Form from the FDC unit team or any staff member. The inmate will mail the blank form to the person(s) whom they request to be approved to visit. The inmate visitors will mail the completed form back to the institution, addressed to the FDC unit team.

Once the form is received, a member of the FDC unit team will conduct background checks on the requested inmate visitors. Only immediate family members such as parents, grandparents, sister, brother, step-brother or step-sister, spouses, etc., will be approved for visiting.

Visitor Dress Code

Inmate visitors must dress appropriately and
avoid clothing styles which are suggestive and excessively
provocative. Inmate visitors who wear this type of attire will be denied
the privilege to visit. The following types of clothing are also
inappropriate for the correctional environment and are not permitted
in the Visiting Room:

a. Garments which reveal portions of the upper torso, to include
low-cut shirts/blouses exposing cleavage, back or stomach
area (i.e. halter, midriffs, deep v-neck, backless, and
sleeveless shirts/blouses/dresses).

b. Spandex, form-fitting clothing or low-cut/hip hugger pants. Any
pants, which go above the middle of the calf.

c. Miniskirts. Visitors will not be allowed into the institution in
skirts or dresses higher than three inches above the knee in

d. Khaki-colored clothing or variations of khaki which resemble
inmate clothing. No orange colored, clothing with same tone or
shade as inmates who are quartered in the Special Housing

e. Fatigues or camouflaged-patterned garments.

f. See-through garments, to include pants and plain white
t-shirts (able to see skin tones or undergarments.)

g. Hats (i.e. cowboy, ballcaps, (of any kind), ear-muffs,
doo-rags and scarfs. Religious headgear will be allowed once
staff are reasonably sure no contraband exists. If in doubt,
contact Religious Services or the Operations Lieutenant.

h. Non-prescription sun glasses/shades.

i. No flip-flops, slippers, thongs or house shoes will be permitted.
No bare feet will be permitted (excluding babies/toddlers).

j. Absolutely NO sagging of pants or any other type clothing by
male or female inmate visitors.

k. At the discretion of the Front Lobby Officer, after consultation
with of the Operations Lieutenant or Institution Duty Officer,
children under the age of ten may wear shorts.

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