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At this institution, we have an open correspondence policy. This means you may send correspondence to and receive correspondence from anyone as long as you and the correspondent conduct yourselves in a responsible, mature manner.

You are not permitted to correspond with an inmate in another penal or correctional institution unless the other inmate is either a member of your immediate family or is a party or a witness in a legal action in which you and the other inmate are involved. Approval for such correspondence must be obtained through the Unit Managers of both federal institutions or the Wardens of both institutions if one of the inmates is in non-federal custody. Your Case Manager can provide you with the information needed to receive such approval. The inmate at each institution will be required to sign an agreement which states that they will abide by the open correspondence policy. Failure to sign the agreement or a violation of the U.S.

Postal regulations will be sufficient basis to place the inmate on RESTRICTED CORRESPONDENCE.

Mail is distributed daily after the 4:00PM count by the Unit Officers. All outgoing correspondence must have a TRULINCS generated mailing label. If the inmate fails to place a TRULINCS generated label on outgoing postal mail, it will be returned to the inmate for proper preparation. The only exception is those inmates housed in the Special Housing Unit or a system outage. You will be required to pay postage on all mail unless you are classified indigent by the unit team. Additional stamps can be purchased in the Commissary. You may only possess a maximum of 40 first class postage stamps at one time without special permission.

Staff have the authority to open all mail before delivery. ‚ÄúSpecial Mail,” as defined in Program Statement 5265.11, may be opened only in your presence to be checked for contraband if the sender can be adequately identified and has marked the envelope “Special Mail – Open Only in the Presence of the Inmate.” If you do not want your correspondence opened or read, it will be returned to the Post Office.
All packages (a package being a bundle of something usually of small or medium size that is packed, wrapped, or boxed) must have prior authorization on file in the Mail Room or it will be rejected at the Post Office. If it is rejected at the Post Office, the inmate will not receive a rejection notice.

An exception to the above will be packages of legal material, paperback books, and magazines, provided the package is clearly marked as to its contents. If a package is marked “paperback books,” “magazines,” etc. and contains other items as well, the entire package will be returned. If a package is marked “legal material” and is found not to be of a legal nature, it will also be returned. In these cases a rejection form will be executed and a copy given to the inmate.

The Mail Room is located in the West Unit corridor, first floor, next to Receiving and Discharge. Mail Room open house hours for the inmate population are Monday – Friday, 6:30 AM – 7:00 AM excluding Federal Holidays, at the main institution and Monday – Friday, 7:15 AM – 7:30 AM excluding Federal holidays at the Camp.

Outgoing mail procedures are as follows: 1) The open mail policy allows you to send out letters sealed and uninspected, except to inmates in other institutions; 2) Except for special mail, outgoing mail from a pretrial inmate may not be sealed and may be read and inspected by staff; and 3) Outgoing special mail must be hand delivered to mail room staff during mail room open house hours for immediate inspection of the item and the inmate must provide their commissary card as a photo i.d. for comparison, prior to the mail being accepted for further delivery. If the return address on the piece of special mail being mailed does not match the name on the commissary card of the inmate attempting the mailing, the item will be inspected for the identity of the actual mailer and may be confiscated as contraband.

Your incoming or outgoing mail may be rejected if it contains threats, blackmail, contraband, or information which indicates escape plots. You may not conduct a business while incarcerated, and your mail may be rejected if it contains codes or other attempts to circumvent these regulations.
You may receive hardcover publications and newspapers directly from a book club, book store, or publisher. Softcover material (paperbacks, magazines, etc.) may be received from any source. Publications will be searched for contraband. The number you may retain is limited by the BOP program statement on personal property. Excess personal property in your possession will be confiscated.

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