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In addition to UNICOR, the institution offers employment opportunities in several other areas. Some examples of the job assignments for which you may qualify are: Unit Orderly, Food Service, Plumbing, Construction, Paint Shop, Laundry, and Education Tutor. Eligibility for these and other job assignments often depends on your level of education, previous work experience, and the number of positions available. At your initial classification with your unit team, you will be able to indicate what work assignment you desire. Assuming you are eligible, efforts will be made to place you there after the Medical Department has cleared you for assignment to a job. Be aware, though, that several work areas are overcrowded and initial job assignments are based primarily on institution need. You may request a job change by submitting a cop-out to the Work Assignment Committee through your Unit Counselor.


The Food Service Department will provide you with three meals a day which are nutritionally adequate, properly prepared, and attractively served. We will also provide all inmates assigned to Food Service the opportunity to acquire skills and abilities that may assist in obtaining gainful employment upon release.

An assignment to Food Service is an opportunity to learn and will benefit you upon release.

The dress codes and meal schedules are as follows: Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, there is a dress code in effect during the breakfast and lunch meals. You will be required to wear the institution issued uniform. Shirts must be tucked in at all times while in the Food Serving dining room. There is no head gear to be worn in the Food Service dining room unless you are assigned to the Food Service detail. The only exception to this policy is given by the institution Chaplain for religious purposes.
Monday through Friday, breakfast meals are served between 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM. Lunch meals are served at 10:30 AM and dinner meals are served directly following the evening recreation move. On weekends and holidays, coffee hour is served between 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM. Brunch meals are served following the 10:00 AM count and dinner begins directly after the evening recreation move. Meal times are subject to change when necessary.

If at any time you have a question pertaining to the certified program or other Food Service questions please feel free to see the Food Service Administrator or the Assistant Food Service Administrator during the serving of the meals. Food items are not authorized to be carried into or out of Food Service.


Food Service clothing (hats/aprons/rubber boots) may not be worn during an inmate’s off-duty hours and will not be worn in recreational areas. Other restrictions pertaining to the use of Food Service clothing will be determined by the Food Service Administrator.
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