FCI Texarkana Mental Health of Prisoners

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Psychology staff offer brief individual counseling and comprehensive individual and group therapy programs. These programs address the full range of clinical disorders, provide self-help options, assess and treat behavioral or emotional problems, and facilitate overall adjustment. The psychology department also provides drug abuse treatment for those who have substance use disorders. Moreover, psychologists consult with psychiatry and will help determine any need for psychotropic medication. We also consult with other staff about the mental health needs of inmates and coordinate our services with other departments as appropriate.

To request services or an appointment with a psychologist, inmates may submit an Inmate Request to Staff from to the psychology department. Requests for individual services will be scheduled by the assessing psychologist; enrollment in counseling groups is generally offered on a “first-come-first-serve” basis and is determined ultimately by the psychologist conducting the group.

Twenty-four hour crisis intervention is available seven days a week, including holidays, to any inmate presenting a need for such. Inmates are encouraged to alert any staff member to their need for intervention at any time; a psychologist will be contacted and will respond as appropriate.
While staff are trained to recognize signs of distress and to refer inmates, inmates, themselves, are strongly encouraged to notify staff of any behavior or situation that may suggest another inmate is upset and/or potentially suicidal. Common signs of suicide are depression, a loss of interest in activities, and/or major changes to appearance, mood, relationships, or routine. Importantly, if a fellow inmate makes statements that suggest he may be thinking of suicide, please take those statements seriously and refer him to a staff member.

All arrivals to the institution will be screened by a Psychologist. This assessment will include a review of file data for evidence of any past and current problems and may include an individual interview. This screening will provide the psychologist an opportunity to note any issues of relevance and to make treatment recommendations as appropriate.

Drug abuse treatment is available to any inmate with a substance abuse disorder as determined by the assessing Psychologist. Drug abuse treatment at FCI Texarkana consists of the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) at the Minimum Security Satellite Prison Camp, the Nonresidential Drug Abuse Program (NRDAP), follow-up services for those who have completed the unit-based component of the RDAP, and Drug Abuse Education. Each of these programs is available on a voluntary basis and all inmates who think they may have a substance abuse problem are encouraged to consider the benefits of enrollment and are urged to apply. As noted, each of these programs is available to all inmates at both facilities with the exception of the RDAP which is only at our Camp. If an inmate applies to and is found qualified for the RDAP, but is not able to enroll in the program at our Camp, he will be transferred to a facility commensurate with his security need where he will be able to participate in the program.

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