FCI Texarkana Personal Property

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Commissary Items Must Not Total Over $350
Inmate Personal Property List – National Limit Authorized For Transfer Between Institutions
B = Black
W = White
BW = Black/White Combination
GRY = Gray
GRN = Green (pastel)
C = Commissary Only
I = BOP Issue
Males – W GRY (no hoods) c (1)
Cap, Baseball
Males – W GRY (no logos) c (1)
Handkerchief, W c (5)
Shoes, Athletic/Specialty, B W BW ($100 value maximum/no pumps/no pockets) court, turf, running shoe, c (2 pr)
Shoes, Casual, c (1 pr)
Shoes, Shower, c (1 pr)
Shoes, Slippers, c (1 pr)
Shoes, Work, c, (1 pr), (I)
Shorts, Gym
Males – W GRY c (2)
Socks, Tube, W c (5)
Males – GRY (cotton/pullover/no hoods/no logos) c (2)
Males – GRY (cotton/no logos) c (2)
T-Shirts/Sleeveless Undershirts
Males – W GRY (no pockets/no logos) c (5)
Males – W GRY (boxers or briefs) c (7)


Address Book, c (1)
Alarm Clock (non-electric), c (1)
Bag, Athletic Tote (no logo), c (1)
Batteries (not including batteries stored in electronic items), c (4)
Books (hard/soft), (5)
Magazines and Newspapers less than two weeks old, (10)
Book/Reading Light, c (1)
Bowl (plastic/24 oz. or less), c (1)
Calculator, small (electronically unsophisticated, inexpensive, non-print feature/battery or solar operated) c (1)
Calendar, small, c (1)
Comb/Pick (plastic), c (2)
Combination Lock, c (1)
Cup (plastic), c (1)
Dentures (1 set)
Earplugs, c (1 set)
Envelopes, c (1 box)
Eyeglasses (no stones), (2 pr)
Eyeglass Case (2)
Fan, (1)
Hairbrush, c (1)
Hangers (plastic), c (5)
Headphones, c (1)
Jug (plastic/up to 1 gal), c (1)
Language Translator, (small, electronically unsophisticated, inexpensive, non-print feature/ battery, or solar operated), c (1)
Laundry Bag (mesh), c (1)
Letters (25)
Mirror (small/plastic), c (1)
Pen, Ballpoint, c (2)
Pencils, c (2)
Photo Album/Scrapbook with photos, c (1)
Photos (single-faced) (25)
Playing Cards, c (2 decks)
Radio with Earplugs (walkman-type), c (1)
Shaving Bag, Males – c (1)
Stamps (total value equivalent to 40, 1st Class), c
Sunglasses (non-reflective), c (1)
Towel (white/large), c (1)
Watch ($100 maximum value, no stones, electronically unsophisticated; i.e., inability to send signals), c (1)
Watchband, c (1)
Wedding Band (plain – no stones/white/yellow metal) (1)
Writing Tablet, c (2)


Brushless Shave
Dental Floss and/or Pick (unwaxed), c (1 container)
Denture Adhesive, c (1)
Denture Brush, c (1)
Denture Cleaner/Powder, c (1)
Denture Cup, c (1)
Deodorant, c (2)
Hair Oil/Gel (non-flammable, non-alcoholic), c (1)
Laundry Detergent
Lens Cloth, c (1)
Lotion, Skin (moisturizing), c (1)
Nail Clippers (no file), c (2)
Razor, c (1)
Scissors, Mustache, Males – (blunt tip), c (1)
Sewing Kit, c (1)
Shaving Cream/Lotion, Males
Soap, Bar, c (3)
Soap Dish, c (1)
Toothbrush, c (1)
Toothbrush Holder, c (1)
Toothpaste, c (2 tubes)
Tweezers (blunt tip), c (1)


Athletic Supporter, Males – c (2)
Eye Protection, c (1)
Gloves (fingerless/athletic), c (1)
Gloves (handball), c (2)
Harmonica, c (1)
Headbands/Sweatbands, W c (2)
Knee Wraps, c (2)
Knitting/Crochet Needles, c (1)
Mouth Piece, c (1)
Racquetballs (2 cans of 2), c (4)
Softball Glove, c (1)
Tennis Balls (can of 3), c (1)
Tools for Bead Work, c (1)
Weightlifting Belt, c (1)
Weightlifting Gloves, c (1)
Weightlifting Wraps, c (2)
Yarn, Embroidery, Hoops/Needles, c (1 set)
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