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The Recreation Department sponsors a number of exercise programs based on cardiovascular exercise, which are ten weeks in length and are available for all age groups. The classes vary in exercises and topics of instruction dealing with health, nutrition, exercise, stretching, and personal training. The classes are designed to not only achieve personal goals, but to instill a new lifestyle for all who participate. See the Recreation staff member responsible for the Wellness Program for individual program suggestions.


The Recreation Department offers a variety of sports programs for the inmate population. Intramural/Extramural leagues are coordinated throughout the year for all ages in volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, horseshoes, boccie ball, micro-soccer, indoor volleyball, and indoor basketball. Protective equipment (e.g., soccer shin guards) is recommended when participating in recreation activities. Leagues are coordinated by unit and draft league play. Leagues and tournaments are announced via flyers, announcements, and memorandums.


Recreation utilizes a Code of Conduct for all organized league activities. The Code of Conduct outlines how disciplinary action will be completed for misbehavior during the organized activities. Participants of organized activities are required to read and sign the Code of Conduct. Any participant that refuses to sign the Code of Conduct will not be permitted to participate in the activity. Copies are posted on the Recreation bulletin boards. Sustained violation of any established procedures will result in disciplinary action to include removal from the respective program for up to one calendar year.


The gymnasium is located on the upper section of the Recreation Yard. It offers a well-rounded fitness program, as well as basketball and volleyball activities during the Winter months. The gym is open for exercise classes during the hours of 7:00 AM – 10:30 AM and 11:45 AM – 2:30 PM, Monday through Friday. The gymnasium is open during inclement weather and during the period of non-Day Light Savings time, hours are posted on the monthly activity calendar.


The Recreation Yard is located at the eastern most portion of the institution’s compound. This recreation area offers a wide variety of activities to satisfy the recreational needs of the inmates housed at FCI Texarkana. These include the following: jogging/walking track, two outdoor exercise areas, two basketball courts, and two multi-purpose courts. The inner portion of track is divided into three independent sections that outline soccer and softball fields. The section that borders the jogging/walking the track includes an exercise course. Adjoining the outer portion of the track are boccie courts and horseshoe pits with a volleyball court. There is a separate area for handball and racquetball, which consists of eight courts. The above mentioned recreation areas are located on the Recreation Yard, which is divided into two areas; an Upper Yard and a Lower Yard, with a gate and fence separating the two areas. The hours of operation are from 6:20 AM to 8:25 PM, seven days a week. The recreation services provided and the hours of operation encourages inmates to participate in activities and intramural/extramural sports, regardless of their work/educational obligations and desires while living in a penal environment.


The Recreation Department at FCI/SPC Texarkana has ample facilities to offer inmates opportunities to engage in exercise or to engage in various sports and games. The following facilities are currently in operation: a small recreation yard with two handball courts, a covered weight lifting area and a large recreation yard which has a softball field, soccer field, running track, six handball courts, two horseshoe pits, a bocce pit, two shuffleboard decks, a basketball court, and a weight lifting area.

When the weather does not permit outside activities, there is a gymnasium (not available at the Camp) with basketball, handball/racquetball, volleyball, and aerobic equipment. The Modular Unit (not available at the Camp) offers a place for table and board games, music, pool tables, art and hobby craft. The inmate barber shop is also located in this area.

All inmates are encouraged to participate in recreational activities or hobby craft. Organized teams from housing units play scheduled softball and other games. The Recreation Department provides league play in softball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and flag football. Various fitness programs, such as walking, calisthenics, etc. are also offered. Most sports equipment can be obtained at the Commissary sales unit. The checkout office in the Recreation Shack on the large yard has exercise equipment, baseball gloves, bats, and soccer balls. Check the bulletin board for specific hours of operation.


The Recreation Department provides facilities for a variety of recreational activities in the Modular Unit. Specifically, the Modular Unit is used for playing card games and various table games. Tables and chairs are provided for these activities. Dominoes and other loud table games are not permitted to be played on the west side (hobby craft area). Information for the Modular Unit schedule is posted on the bulletin board by the entrance and inside the entrance. Billiard (pool) tables, ping pong and table soccer tables are available on a first come first serve basis on the east side of the Modular Unit. Equipment for playing these activities is available on a check-out basis. The Modular Unit also administers the hobby craft and music program located on the west side of the Modular Unit. With the exception of the lockers currently being occupied by those on the enrollment lists in hobby craft, the Recreation Department does not have space for the storage of property. For this reason, when arriving at this institution, you must have your hobby craft materials sent out through R&D. In addition, you are responsible for making arrangements to have your materials shipped with you when departing the institution.

Special Purpose Orders for supplies have restrictions for each program offered; please see the Recreation Specialist in charge of the program. The hours of operation for the Modular Unit are posted on the Mod Unit Monthly Activity Calendar.


The hobby craft program offers inmates the opportunity to participate in leather craft, stick art, beads, and art (painting, drawing and airbrushing). Classes are offered throughout the year. Enrollment is accomplished by submitting a cop-out to the staff member in charge of the program.

Participants will be enrolled as space is available. During your enrollment period, you may participate in only one program at any time. Regulations for ordering, completing, and mailing of projects are posted on the bulletin board in the hobby craft area. At the end of your enrollment, all projects and materials must be mailed out of the institution. A packaging box can be purchased through the commissary to assist in the mailing of fragile and/or bulky hobby craft items. All mailing will be at the inmate’s expense. Any participant that refuses to agree to and sign the rules and regulations will not be permitted to participate in the Hobby Craft Program.


Currently, the Modular Unit has two band rooms. These band rooms are assigned on a quarterly basis. A memorandum is posted in each unit when it is time to assign band rooms. The Modular Unit has acoustic guitars for issue to those inmates who wish to use them. These guitars are only to be used in the Recreation area, and are not to be taken back to the housing units.


The Barber Shop is located on the west side of the Modular Unit. If you wish to receive a haircut, you must sign up in advance. The sign-up list is posted in the Modular Unit, on a clip board in the Barber Shop. Hours of operation are posted on the Modular Unit Monthly Activity Calendar.
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