FCI Texarkana Visitation

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Directions to the Institution: The bus station and airport have easy access to
the institution. Take I-30 Exit 220, to the Lake Drive/Leopard Drive Exit. Remain
in the middle lane, go through the intersection, and move in the right lane. Take
a right at the stop sign (Leopard Drive) and continue South on Leopard Drive to
the institution (approximately one quarter mile).


Visiting Schedule: Visiting hours for the FCI and FPC are established as
follows: Saturday, Sunday, and all Federal holidays from 8:00 A.M. until 3:00
P.M. The processing of potential visitors at the respective entrances will
ordinarily begin no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the beginning of visiting hours,
and will terminate no later than one (1) hour prior to the end of visiting hours.


The following attire will NOT be permitted:
Skirts, dresses, culottes: 3 or more inches above the knee in the standing position or splits
in the material to include wrap around clothes
Capri pants could be worn but must be no shorter than the calf area
Khaki clothing (pants, shirt, blouse, etc.)
Shorts (only children 12 and below may wear shorts)
Halter, tube, tank or crop tops
Any shirt/blouse exposing the midriff
Spandex attire
See-through clothing to include plain white t-shirts
Form fitting clothing
Sweat pants or jogging suits
Clothing displaying obscene gestures, language or disruptive symbols
Hats, Any type/form/resemblance of/to a baseball cap, cowboy hat, sombrero, head wrap,
or head band.
NOTE: Shoes must be worn by all visitors except infants. Flip flops or any other type of house
shoes are not to be worn for visitation.

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