FCI Three Rivers Employment

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All inmates are expected to maintain a regular job assignment. Many job assignments are controlled through a Performance Pay System, which provides monetary payment for work. The Inmate Work Assignment Committee makes the assignments each Friday. Job changes will appear on the change sheet each day.

Institutional maintenance jobs are usually the first assignment an inmate receives. These might include work in Food Service, Recreation Yard or in a Maintenance Shop.

Once you have completed A&O and are medically cleared, you will be placed in a work detail. You will be assigned by institutional need. Once you have been assigned on a job detail, you must remain on that detail 90 days and received satisfactory performance rating before requesting a job change.


The Release Preparation Program is designed to assist you in preparing you for release. You will be given aid in developing plans for your personal lives and for work. These programs offer classes and information seminars concerning the personal, social, and legal responsibilities of civilian life. Routinely scheduled information sessions with the U.S. Probation Officers, other agencies and employers are available.
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