FCI Three Rivers Personal Property

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Personal Property Limits

Items which you may retain are limited for sanitation and security reasons, and to ensure that excess personal property is not accumulated in the Units.

Storage Space

Storage space in most Units consists of an individual locker and desk for both inmates. Locks may be purchased in the institution commissary. You will be permitted to have one (1) locker. Under no circumstance will any material be allowed to accumulate to the point where they become a fire, sanitation, security, or housekeeping hazard.

Legal Materials

You will only be allowed to maintain legal materials which are necessary for current, ongoing legal actions as long as the legal materials can be neatly stored in your assigned locker. Lockers maintained by Unit Team are available for excess legal material. Once your legal material is placed in these lockers you must submit a cop-out to your Counselor to gain access to the material.

Hobby craft Materials

All items must be authorized by the Education/Recreation Department. No complete hobby craft item will be authorized to remain in the Unit. All completed items must be approved through the Recreation Department and mailed home via an Authorization to Mail Package form. These completed items will be mailed out through the Recreation Department on Sundays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM only. Any hobby craft projects in the housing Unit will be subject to confiscation exception of those items previously approved for inmates who are enrolled in the Unit Art program. You may not produce or make any art forms for staff and/or other inmates, their families or friends. Paints, dyes, stains and glues are not to leave the hobby shop area.

Commissary Items

You will have ample opportunity to make commissary purchase weekly. You cannot have commissary items in excess of the commissary spending limits as outlined in the Institution Supplement entitled “Inmate Personal Property,” and that will not fit in your locker. You are not permitted to exchange or engage in any form of bartering. All purchases must be checked for proper fit, quantity, etc. prior to exiting the Commissary sales window. Once the inmate purchaser has departed from the Commissary, all sales are final.

Food Storage

Food items that are left open create a health hazard. These items must be properly sealed at all times. Empty containers may not be used as drinking or storage containers and are to be thrown away.
Letters, Books, Photographs, Newspapers & Magazines: Excessive amounts of newspapers, magazines or letters will not be allowed to accumulate in an inmate’s living area. Reading material shall be restricted to ten (10) books or magazines, (excluding legal and school books) and newspapers less than two weeks old. The total number of letters will not exceed the amount which can be stored neatly in the locker provided. Exceptions can be made for legal materials pertaining to on-going litigations with verifiable Court deadlines and educational materials for on-going educational courses.

Sports & Musical Equipment

A limited amount of sports equipment may be maintained in the Unit: two handball gloves, four (4) handballs. The Recreation Department will maintain quantities of musical instruments which will be issued on a check out system.

Radios & Watches

You may not own or possess more than one (1) approved walkman type radio with a headset with a declared value of no more than $100.00 and one (1) watch with declared value of no more than $100.00. Proof of ownership through Form BP-383(58) and/or commissary receipts will be required. You must mail home any watch or radio in your possession prior to the purchase of another watch or radio. Radios with a tape recorder and/or tape player are not authorized.

Jewelry, Religious Items, Medals

Plain (smooth) wedding bands with no stones are permitted. Religious articles such as Bibles, Koran, and other articles of specific religious significance not valued more than $100.00 may be retained by you after approval by the Chaplain.
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