FCI Three Rivers Religious Programs

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There are a wide variety of Religious Programs offered at FCI and SCP Three Rivers. Faith groups authorized by the BOP are allotted time and space for worship and study on a weekly basis. Currently the institution has fourteen groups actively meeting. Please refer to the Chapel Schedule for your religious preference meeting times. The department also has a number of volunteers who lead services and study sessions on a regular basis. We also have contractors working in the department on a weekly basis.

Each inmate is given the opportunity to declare a religious preference; however, your individual religious preference does not preclude you from participating in any of the regularly scheduled or special Chapel programming. Your individual religious preference does allow you to be approved for authorized work proscription days and participation in an annual ceremonial meal. All requests for authorized programming must be submitted in writing on the Religious Event Worksheet to the Chapel. This worksheet may be picked up in the Chapel. Chapel staff does not automatically include inmates as authorized participants for holy day celebrations based on Sentry designations. To request a religious preference change, a written request to Chapel staff is required.

In addition to specific worship and study time, the Religious Service Department offers a wide variety of materials for spiritual enrichment. There is a video library available for the population during their leisure time. The department has one classroom dedicated for video viewing. You are required to use your personal headphones to take advantage of this program along with your I.D. to check out a video. Furthermore, there is a Chapel classroom dedicated as a general library with reference books, audio tapes, and other materials some of which are available for check-out. Please consult Chapel staff for more details.

All religious headgear and medallions are available for purchase via SPO (special purchase order) and through commissary.

A special religious diet is available to approved inmates following an interview process. If you are approved for the Common Fare Diet, a special food tray will be available during regular meal times. If you are not approved, the interview process may begin again after six months.

In the case of a serious illness or death of an immediate family member, your family should be informed to call the institution as soon as possible with the emergency information. The institution phone number is 361-786-3576. It is your responsibility to pass this information onto your family, so that in the event of an emergency, the notification can be processed according to policy and procedures. Once the emergency is verified, the Chaplain may assist an inmate with counseling and possibly a phone call to appropriate family members. In the case of an immediate family member death, the Chapel staff will be available to facilitate the process of receiving a recording of the funeral/memorial service.

On a monthly basis (third Thursday of each month) the Chapel conducts a Life Connections Orientation class for those interested in the Life Connections program. A short video about Life Connections will be viewed during A&O.

Both Chaplains and the Religious Services Counselor work at least two evenings a week. During these evening programming times, you may come to the Chapel and speak with them to address any concerns.

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