FCI Three Rivers Substance Abuse Programs

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The Bureau employs a five component Drug Abuse Program (DAP) treatment strategy which includes: Screening and Referral, AA/NA, Drug Abuse Education, Non-Residential Drug Abuse Treatment, Residential Drug Abuse Treatment RDAP), and Follow-up Services.

Drug Abuse Education

You will be required to take drug education classes: (1)If you have a Judicial recommendation for any type of drug treatment; (2)If you have returned to BOP as violator of supervised released on parole for drug or alcohol abuse; (3)If your instant offense involved drug or alcohol use; or (4)If there is a history of alcohol or drug use. (According to Program Statement 5330.11, Section 2.3.6(e) (dated March 16, 2009), 550.51(e) Effects of non-participation: “If inmates considered for placement…refuse participation, withdraw, are expelled, or otherwise fail to meet attendance and examination requirements, such inmates…are not eligible for performance pay above maintenance pay level, for bonus pay, or for vacation pay….and are not eligible for a Federal Prison Industries work assignment”. The acquisition of positive life skills is viewed as the means through which participants can change the negative thinking and behavior patterns which led to their drug use and criminality in the past. If you are not required to take Drug Education, but you wish to enroll as a volunteer, submit a request to your Case Manager if you are interested in Drug Abuse Education.

Non-Residential Drug Abuse Treatment

Available to those who do not meet the admission criteria or are waiting for the Residential Drug Abuse Program, received detoxification from alcohol or drugs upon entering the BOP, or have been found guilty of an incident report for use of alcohol or other drugs. Submit a request to Psychology or sign-up on the bulletin board outside the entrance of the Psychology Department.

Residential Drug Abuse Program

To apply for an interview, submit a request to Psychology or sign-up on the bulletin board outside the entrance of the Psychology Department. Selections for up-coming groups are prioritized by projected release dates. Interviews for the 500 hour Residential drug abuse will not occur until 48 months of GCT release.
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