FCI Tuscon Religious Programs

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The FCC has full-time chaplains from various religious backgrounds. They perform worship services and religious classes for inmates who are of each chaplain’s faith group. They also provide weekly services for other faith groups by using community contractors and volunteers.


A schedule of regular religious services and the Chaplain’s duty schedule are posted in the chapel and in all housing units. If your stated religious preference is not represented on the posted Chapel schedule, and you desire religious group accommodation, please make arrangements to speak with the Chaplain, who will explain the process of approval for Chapel time and space.


The sweat lodge is located on the recreation yard. If an individual has health problems, especially lung issues, or is on medications, it is highly recommended he be checked by medical services before attending a sweat ceremony.


The Chaplains can counsel you when you are working through personal and religious decisions and in crises. You may ask for an appointment with the Chaplain whenever the Chapel is open. In an emergency, ask your supervising staff to phone the Chaplain for you.


An inmate’s family may telephone the institution in family emergencies (death or hospitalizations.) An emergency report must be verified with community officials by institution staff before the inmate is notified. The main numbers to the institutions are as follows (USP & Camp – 520/663-5000) and (FCI – 520/574-7100). These numbers can be sent home to your families in case of a family emergency. An emergency normally constitutes hospitalization or death of an immediate family member.


The general rule of telephone use is that each inmate must place his calls from his housing unit telephones.


An inmate may apply for participation in the religious diet program called “Common Fare” through an interview with the chaplain, who will explain the program and guidelines to inmates.


For safety and security reasons, an inmate may not receive religious medals and chains from any source other than an approved commercial vendor using your commissary account. To order, see the Chaplains who have catalogues from which an inmate may order a medal and chain (combination not to exceed $100.) The commissary does not raise or mark up the price of religious medals or other articles. Note* Wedding bands are not authorized by the religious services department.


The chapel has a well supplied religious library with books, CD’s, videos, and equipment. Inmates may see the chaplain about their individual religious needs.


Any designated inmate wishing to be married while incarcerated must have the Warden’s authorization to do so. All paperwork is to be submitted through your Unit Team. All expenses of the marriage will be paid by the inmate. Government funds may not be used for marriage expenses. Chaplains are available to discuss with the inmate and fiancé the issue of marriage while incarcerated.
If an inmate requests permission to marry, he must:

1. Have a letter from the intended spouse, verifying her intention to marry.
2. Demonstrate legal eligibility to marry.


The Life Connections Program (LCP) is a faith-based program currently offered in only five institutions in the Bureau of Prisons. If you are interested in learning more about the program, you should see your Chaplain.
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