FCI Victorville Medium I Employment

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UNICOR at FCC Victorville is a vehicular component factory that rebuilds and reconditions various types of motorized and non-motorized equipment such as but not limited to; trailers, forklifts, HMMWVs’, 5 tons and various other Military and commercial vehicles. UNICOR provides this service for the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.

There are two factories, an outside Paint\Wash\Blast operation and a warehouse operation. Each factory has its own mission and is managed under separate financial records. The USP primarily supports the Department of Defense while the FCI-1 primarily supports the Department of Homeland Security.


Vehicular component factory: Assembly and rebuilding of trailers, forklifts, HMMWVs, radiators and various types of sub components.

Support Operations: UNICOR Business / Production Office, Inside / Outside Warehouse, Maintenance Department and Quality Assurance Department.

Hiring Procedures: All Hiring Procedures are done in reference to Program Statement 8120.02 and by
obtaining a UNICOR application from your counselor, completing it, and submitting it to UNICOR or Unit Team. You will then be placed on one of two waiting list; Non-Prior UNICOR, and Prior UNICOR.
Hours of Operations: We work a 7 hour day from 7:10am until 3:15pm, Monday thru Friday, there is a Thirty five minute lunch period.

UNICOR Pay: Normal entry level grade 5 is for those inmates who have never worked at UNICOR before. Those inmates with prior UNICOR work experience will enter at grade 4. All inmates will be promoted according to ability, seniority, attendance and grade availability. The pay rate is as follows:
Grade 5 = .23 per hr. Grade 2 = .92 per hr.
Grade 4 = .46 per hr. Grade 1 = 1.15 per hr.
Grade 3 = .69 per hr. Premium = 1.35 per hr.

Non prior UNICOR employees will earn a half day vacation per month their first year of employment and 1 day vacation per month thereafter. Prior UNICOR employees will earn 1 day vacation per month. Longevity pay of .10 per hr. will be awarded after 18 months. An additional .05 per hr. will be added at 30, 42, 60, and 84 months. All the information about UNICOR pay and time in grade requirements is contained in your pamphlets.
6. Education Requirements / FRP Requirements

Education: UNICOR encourages all inmates to continue their education. Inmates that do not possess a High School diploma or GED will be restricted to a grade 4 until their completion and passing of their GED.

FRP Requirements for employment: You must make arrangements for financial
obligations with your Unit Team.

7. Work standards/Clear Conduct:

Each inmate assigned to FPI shall comply with all work standards pertaining to his or her work assignment. Adherence to the standards should be considered in evaluating the inmate’s work performance and documented in individual hiring, retention, and promotion/demotion situations.

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