FCI Victorville Medium I Library and Publication Rules

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The inmate law library is to be used by those engaged in legal activities. It is a place for serious study and concentrated work. Conducting other activities, including bringing non-law library materials and/or ‘visiting’, undermines the scope of this work area and its intended use. The hours of operation are the same as the Education Department hours listed above. Inmates in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) must submit an Inmate Request to Staff form (Cop-Out) to the SHU officer to use the SHU Law Library. Inmates may submit a Cop-Out form to the Education Department for access to any law materials not available to them (e.g., forms or court addresses) in the SHU Law Library. An Electronic Law Library (ELL), which allows viewing and printing of law materials using the LEXIS/ NEXIS program is available to conduct research of all mandatory materials. To access the ELL system, inmates must have a register or PAC number, which is assigned by their Unit Team. Inmates are encouraged to contact Trust Fund or their Unit Team whenever having problems with signing on or operating the ELL system. An on-line ELL operator’s tutorial guide is available.

A copy machine is also available at the inmate’s expense. Typewriters are available for legal needs only. Contact your Education Department to see if Alpha Smarts are available at your institution. Fifteen minutes (15) prior to closing, all equipment must be turned off, and all checked out materials must be returned.

The inmate leisure library contains a variety of reading materials designed to meet educational, cultural, and social needs of the inmate population. During weekday daytime hours, the library is available to all off-duty inmates who have passes. The development and care of the library collection is a responsibility that is shared by the Education staff and the inmate population. Inmates who have suggestions for book purchases, newspaper or magazine subscriptions, may complete a suggestion form or submit an ‘Inmate Request to Staff’ (Cop-Out) to the Library Coordinator. The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) program is conducted through the San Bernardino County Library system. Through this program, inmates can request non-fiction or fiction books in different languages from over 30 library branches.

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