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Work Assignments and Work Reports

After completion of the A&O Program, you will be assigned to a permanent work detail, a training program, or a combination of both, based primarily on institution needs. For initial arrivals you remain unassigned until you are medically cleared. Factors considered in determining a specific work assignment are: your physical condition, educational level, previous work experience, general aptitude, ability to benefit from training, and plans for the future. Job assignments and changes are made by the Job Assignment Committee which consists of the Associate Warden of Programs, Case Management Coordinator, and Unit Manager.

Reports which evaluate your work performance will be prepared by your supervisor every 90 days or every 30 days if work reports are below-average. These performance reports are also used to help determine your eligibility for participation in community activities (i.e., furloughs). Unsatisfactory work reports may result in restriction from community programs.

Performance Pay

Each inmate who satisfactorily performs his work is eligible for pay based on the grade level for the particular job as established by his work supervisor. You may be awarded performance pay, generally at the rate of $.12 to $.40 per hour of satisfactory work performed, depending on the designated grade level. Pay grade levels range from 1 to 4, with 1 being the highest. Inmates receiving performance pay will be paid monthly. The pay period runs from the 1st through the end of the month.
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