FCI Yazoo City Low Employment

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Job Assignments

All inmates are assigned to a job assignment and are expected to report to their work detail daily and on time. Monthly work reports will be completed by the staff supervisor of your detail and will be forwarded to your Unit Team. Poor work reports could result in the loss of certain privileges and programs. Inmates who continually receive poor work reports or who damage or tamper with work detail equipment will be referred to the Unit Manager or receive disciplinary action.

The only authorized clothing allowed on the work site is institutional clothing. At no time will headphones, reading materials, cups, thermos containers, or any other items be allowed to accompany you to work. Normally, an inmate will be assigned to a job for a ninety (90) day period before he is eligible to request a job reassignment.

If you have special job skills such as painting, plumbing, electronics, clerical, landscaping, etc., submit an “Inmate Request to Staff Member” (Cop-Out) to the Department Head over the requested job/program. Upon approval, the form should be routed to the Unit Team for consideration and final approval.


The official mission and chief function of Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR) is to provide training and employment to inmates confined to federal institutions. The employment of inmates in UNICOR allows them an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in a trade, vocation or occupation, which may provide a means of earning a livelihood upon release. This is a voluntary program and inmates must request to be placed on a waiting list and must submit a UNICOR application through their Unit Team. The application will be forwarded to UNICOR after Unit Team reviews and signs the application. Once UNICOR receives the application the inmate’s name will be on the UNICOR waiting list. Inmates will be hired into UNICOR from the waiting list in the order that they apply. UNICOR are the only staff authorized to place an inmate on a UNICOR waiting list. The waiting list is explained as follows:

* UNICOR “Priority” Waiting List: Inmates who were working in UNICOR, as their last work assignment, prior to transferring to FCC Yazoo City. However, inmates who have transferred for disciplinary reasons, parole violators, and Residential Reentry Center program failures are not eligible to be placed on the priority list.
* UNICOR “General” Waiting: All others.


A. All inmate workers in UNICOR must wear safety shoes.
B. The hiring list will be updated bi-weekly and posted outside the UNICOR Factory for review by the inmate population.
C. A manufacturing facility, by nature, is a hazardous area. Inmates observed participating in horseplay, failing to follow proper safety procedures while operating machinery, or unauthorized use of any machine, will result in disciplinary action, including removal.
D. Inmates who have special skills should submit a “Cop-Out” to the Factory Manager indicating their experience and what skills they possess. Testing will be required of inmates who apply for special skilled assignments, such as clerical and Quality Assurance positions.
E. The Factory is out of bounds to all inmates who do not work in UNICOR. UNICOR staff will be available at the lunch mainline to address questions or concerns. You may also submit a cop-out to UNICOR staff for a response.


Food Service is an equal opportunity employer. If you have special skills that apply to the Food Service industry, submit a “Request to Staff Member” to either the Assistant Food Service Administrator or the Food Service Administrator.

Food Service offers a wide range of skills and requires workers to perform to the best of their abilities. While personal hygiene and cleanliness are a must in any service industry, it is paramount in the Food Service industry.

As with any job in the institution, workers will be given specific duties to perform and will occasionally be called upon to perform other duties as needed.


Food Service will work various shifts throughout the day. Workers will be assigned to shifts as needed, based on qualifications.
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