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The Recreation Staff at Yazoo City encourages each inmate to participate in the activities and programs offered through this department. We challenge every inmate to get involved and use their time constructively through leisure time programming. This department’s goals and the Bureau of Prisons’ goals are to reduce personal stress, institutional tension, keep inmates constructively occupied and to increase physical fitness and positive lifestyles while incarcerated.

Recreation Programs – FCC Medium & Low

Recreation moves are held in conjunction with institutional compound movements. Recreation Staff are here to assist you with all your leisure time activities. Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions or concerns.

The Recreation Department offers intramural programs consisting of

Basketball Softball and Soccer
Unit League (A&B) Draft League (A&B) Unit Leagues
Over 40 League Draft League over 40 Draft League
Unit League (A&B)
3 on 3 Leagues
Fitness Programs & Activities
Instructional Programs
Individual Music
Calisthenics Classes Stationary Bikes
Walking/Cycling Club
Exercise Mats
Aerobic Classes
Stair Steppers
Abdominal Benches
Other Leisure/Social Activities
Board Games
Acrylic Painting
Boccie Ball
Band Performances
Holiday Activities
Water Color Painting
Art and Leather craft

Leisure Center

The Leisure Center consists of game tables for playing cards, dominoes, chess, checkers, backgammon and scrabble. Also, available are pool tables, ping-pong tables, bumper pool and television viewing.

Music Program

The Music Program consists of established inmate bands, self-taught practice sessions, and instructional “learn how-to-do” tapes, cassette, and books.

The musical equipment includes drums, congas, non-acoustic guitars, amplifiers, speakers, brass instruments, microphones, and cords.

Hobby Craft

The Hobby Craft Program includes leather working and art. All inmates interested in participating in the Hobby Craft program must submit a cop-out to Recreation.


The Wellness Program consists of structured classes, a wellness resource center, jogging, aerobics, walking, and exercise videos.

Movie Program

Movies are shown on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Requested movies should be submitted on a Request to Staff Member Form to the Recreation Department.


Outside Equipment

The outside recreation area consists of covered patio, walking/jogging track, stair steppers, one softball field, basketball courts, two boccie ball courts, two horseshoe pits and outside pool tables. Exercise mats are available through the check-out procedures.

Hobby Craft Activities

The hobby craft activities consist of yarn work and beading. Lockers will be provided through the Recreation Department for inmate use. Items may be stored in personal lockers with the approval of the Camp Unit Manager.

Movie Program

Movies are shown on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Requested movies should be submitted on a Request to Staff Member Form to the Recreation Department.

Wellness Program

Wellness activities are offered periodically through the Recreation Department depending on interest shown.

Recreation Facilities

A. Recreation Leisure Center
1. Leisure Area
a. Supervisor Office
b. Recreation Counseling
C. Music Rooms
d. TV in Leisure Area [Sports Only]
e. Billiard Tables, Football, Ping-Pong, Table Games
F. Multi-Purpose Rooms
G. Equipment Check Out Room
2. Hobby Craft
A. Art Studio
b. Leather Craft
C. Hobby Craft Tool Room
D. Equipment Check Out Room
3. Fitness Center
a. Recreation Staff Office
B. Cardiovascular Room [stationary bikes, treadmills, aerobic steps, etc.]
c. Wellness Program
D. Equipment Check Out Room
4. Recreation Yard
a. Basketball Courts
b. Volleyball Courts
c. Softball Fields
D. Soccer Field
E. Flag Football Field
f. Racquet/Handball Courts
g. Walking Track
h. Horse Shoes
i. Bocce Ball Courts

The Recreation Leisure Center is a multipurpose facility that fulfills and meets many needs, programs and objectives. The Recreation Leisure Center houses the following: music rooms, staff offices, TV
viewing, hobby craft work areas, hobby craft locker storage, tool and equipment check out room, staff and inmate restrooms. The Recreation Yard was developed for the purpose of facilitating all of our intramural and varsity sports programs. FCC Yazoo City’s intramural program includes the major seasonal sports: softball, basketball, flag football, soccer, volleyball. To provide for a more complete program, we also offer racquet-handball, boccie ball and numerous other tournaments and activities.

The Fitness Center facilitates all our wellness/fitness programs. The programs and classes will be offered: abdominal classes, aerobics steps, exercise classes, circuit training on fitness equipment and many other innovative programs. Intramural and varsity sports are open to the general population. Sign-up sheets, rules of the games and team requirements are generally posted in each housing unit and on recreation bulletin boards.

Playing seasons for all intramural and varsity sports are based on an annual sports calendar. The sports calendar clearly shows the variety of sports that will take place during the different seasons. There are ten Federal Holidays in which activities will be offered. During these specific holidays, we will offer: special tournaments, bingo, inmate productions, community sports participation and many other activities.

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