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After completion of the A&O Program, you will be assigned to a work detail, based primarily on institution needs. For initial arrivals you remain unassigned until you are medically cleared. Factors considered in determining a specific work assignment are: your physical condition, educational level, previous work experience, general aptitude, ability to benefit from training, and plans for the future. Job assignments and changes are made by the Job Assignment Committee which consists of the Associate Warden of Programs, Case Management Coordinator, and Unit Manager.

Reports which evaluate yourwork performance will be prepared by your supervisor every 90 days or every 30 days if work reports are below-average. These performance reports are also used to help determine your eligibility for participation in community activities (i.e., furloughs). Unsatisfactory work reports may result in restriction from community programs.

Institutional Assignments

You may be assigned housekeeping duties by your unit officer. The correctional counselor is responsible for officially assigning an inmate to a paid work assignment. Prior to being assigned a work detail, an inmate must be medically cleared. Designated inmates are to accept work assignments and housekeeping tasks, unless he or she is physically unable to do so. Arestriction slip from the Health Services Department is required for medical restrictions. Ordinarily, your unit team will assign you to a work detail. You are required to work at that position for 90-days prior to requesting a job assignment change. Any such request should be directed to your unit team through your detail supervisor.

Performance Pay

Inmates performing satisfactorily on an institution work assignment are eligible for performance pay or hourly compensation. Compensation is madeat the rates noted below. Pay grade levels range from 1 to 4, with 1 being the highest Ordinarily, performance pay is deposited to commissary accounts by the 10th day of each month for work performed the previous month.

Maintenance Pay $ 5.25/per month Grade 4 12 cents per hour Grade 3 17 cents per hour Grade 2 29 cents per hour Grade 1 40 cents per hour

Work assignment grades are assigned based upon the skill required, quantity and quality of work, and positions funded. Restrictions in pay are imposed on inmates who do not meet financial obligations ordered by the courts, who fail to participate in mandatory drug education, and who do not meet the literacy requirements.

Inmate Pay and Benefits

1. Employed inmates accrue vacation time, longevity pay, and holiday pay.

2. A partial listing of the Benefit Programs available to employees include:

a. Incentive Awards Program given for suggestions or inventions.

b. Special Achievement Awards given upon recognition by Awards Committee.

Work Standards/Expectations

Each inmate employee is expected to demonstrate their willingness to utilize the employment experience to its fullest potential, for everyone concerned. A positive attitude and desire to develop a working knowledge of job requirements as well as using initiative to perform in a satisfactory manner is also expected.

Call-Outs/ Chanoe Sheet

These items will be posted on the inmate bulletin board in the housing unit.

Each inmate is responsible to review these changes daily.

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