FDC Honolulu Library and Publication Rules

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Library Services

The Leisure Library offers a wide variety of book selections for check out. Reference books, magazines, and newspapers are available for check-out in the library only. An Inter-Library Loan program is being offered in conjunction with the SC State Library System. Specific questions or concerns should be addressed to appropriate Education Staff.

Electronic Law Library

Electric typewriters are available in the law library for legal use only, on a first come first served basis. Typewriter ribbons and correction ribbons are sold through the Commissary. Legal materials have been provided per Program Statement 1315.07, Legal Activities. Inmate, via the Electronic Law Library implemented at FDC Honolulu since July 2009. Legal material/books not found in the ELL will be available secured and stored located in the TRULincs printer cabinet. Inmates can access these by requesting them form the TRUIincs orderly.

Hours of Operations

The hours of operation for the Main Law Library are those on the Main Law Library Schedule (see attached). Each housing unit is provided with a schedule posted on the Education Bulletin Board. The Main Law Library is located in the Education Department located on the second level. A Basic Law Library is provided for the Special Housing Unit (SHU).

The Main Law Library will continue to provide access to photocopying services and for Extra Law Library. An Inmate Request to Staff, should be handed to the Unit Officer well in advance to your unit*s designated Law Library day for use of photocopying services. Inmates interested in legal/personal photocopies can obtain them for a cost Copier debit cards are available for purchase in the commissary for $6.50, 50 copies per card. The debit photocopying machine is located in the Education Department Photocopies requested outside the normal operating hours (2:30 -6:00 p.m.) scheduled, he/she should contact anyone on their Unit Team, who will make arrangements with the education/recreation staff on duty to respond to the request.

Extra Law Library Time

For extra law library time, inmates will be required to complete and submit an application at least one(1) week before the requested extra time and the Inmate Acknowledgment form. If an inmate needs to use a typewriter he/she needs to complete and submit an application for Extra Law Library. This will allow use of the typewriter located in the discovery room in each housing unit. IBM typewriters are available for legal use only in the Law Library and housing units. All typewriter ribbons and correction ribbons will be purchased by the inmate from the commissary. Arrangements will be made for indigent inmates once verified as indigent. Inmates housed in SHU should submit an Inmate Request to Staff Member, addressed to their SHU officers to request the use of the ELL or Basic Law Library provided to their SHU unit. Legal materials not available in the ELL will be available in a binder located on the Basic Law Library cart. No materials will be removed from (the SHU Basic Law Library for use in inmate’s cell.
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