FDC Honolulu Personal Property

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Personal Property

All personal property including commissary items must be maintained in your locker. No items (except a book of Holy Scripture for example; Bible, Quran, Torah, etc.) are allowed on the top of the lockers. The amount of personal property allowed each inmate is limited to those items which can be neatly and safely placed in the locker. Under no circumstance will any materials be accumulated to the point where they become a fire, sanitation, security, or housekeeping hazard. Locks may be purchased in the institution commissary to secure property stored in the locker.


Monday through Friday, rooms must be clean and ready for inspection from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday, Sunday and federal holidays, rooms must be clean and ready for inspection by 10:00 a.m. Roomswill be arranged as depicted in the picture posted on the bulletin board in the unit Pictures, cards, notes, etc., will not be posted anywhere in the room, outside the lockers. Sexually explicit material is prohibited. Medical slips will be posted on the front side of the locker. Letters, books, photographs, newspapers, and magazineswill be limited in the numberthat can be stored in the locker in accordance with the National Program Statement for Inmate Personal Property.

• Laundry bags cannot be hung from the beds or from the lockers at the FDC.
• Beds are to be made daily as depicted in the picture posted on the bulletin board. Inmates off-duty, on vacation, or on medical lay-in, may lay on top of the bed; however, the bed must still be made by the prescribed time. Shoes are allowed to be placed under the bed. No items will be stored on top of the bed (i.e., newspapers, magazines, etc) or under the mattress.
• Food items that are left open create a health hazard. These items must be properly sealed at all
times and stored in its original container or a container purchased through commissary. Empty containers may not be used as drinking containers, cooking containers and/or chemical containers. They are to be thrown away.
• No items may be placed in or on the air vent.
• No towels, blankets, or sheets may be placed on the floor or in the window.

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