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Religion can be a significant influence in a person’s life, especially during imprisonment when more time for thought and reflection is available. To assist you in this regard, the Chaplains are available to assist you in meeting your spiritual needs as well as providing pastoral counseling on an individual basis. Participation in religious programs is voluntary. There are regular organized religious services in most major faiths. The schedule of regular religious activities is posted on bulletin boards in the Chapel and in the housing units. Approved volunteers and contract clergy will assist the Chaplains.

FDC Honolulu Religious Services Department offers the following services:

Pastoral Services

Chaplains provide pastoral services and are available for counseling and religious consultation. We also provide emergency notification to you when there is a death or serious injury/illness to a family member.

You may request that a pastor or minister be placed on your visiting list as your Minister of Record”. You should forward this request for approval to the Chaplain. If you have any pastoral concerns that you wish to communicate to the Chaplain, you can see the Chaplain personally when he/she comes to your housing unit or you may send your request using a cop-out form.

Religious Programming

The housing unit Chapel is open during scheduled hours throughout the day for your use in reading, prayer, study and meditation. We ajso provide assorted religious materials that you may use in the Chapel Library. Worship services, meetings, study and movies are available during the week in the Chapel. Chaplains, contract clergy and volunteers lead weekly services and programs. A schedule of religious programs is posted in the Chapel. All religious programs are open to the entire population.

Inmates on work details or other assigned programs may request a “call-out* to attend a scheduled weekly religious service/program. Areligious diet program is available for inmates whose religious needs deem it necessary. You may have authorized personal religious property (medallion, head-wear, clothing, etc.) as approved by the Chaplain. Requests for any of these religious items should be made to the Chaplain Contactthe Chaplain for any religious issues orconcerns that you may have.

Religious Property

Religious Property must be approved by the Chaplains. Religious Property can be purchased by contacting the Chaplains and receiving a Special Purchase Order. A list of vendors and approved religious articles is available from the Chaplains.

Religious Fasts

If an inmate wishes to participate in a religious fast, he must request to do so by writing to the Chaplain at least 30 days prior to fasting.

Religious Ceremonial Meals

An inmate must request to participate in a ceremonial or commemorative meal In writing. Only inmates whose religious preference reflects the specific religion celebrating the meal may attend.

Special Religious Visits

Chaplains may approve a special religious visit from an area clergy person or religious leader. These visits will take place on the Visiting Room and all regulations regarding visiting will apply.

Pastoral Counseling; The Chaplains will be available during scheduled and non-scheduled periods of time to provide inmates with religious and spiritual guidance. Inmates desiring to speak with a Chaplain should submit an “Inmate Request to Staff Member” or stop by during open hours.

Chapel/Chapel Library

The Chapel/Chape library is open most evenings and afternoons See Chapel Activities Schedule for evenings and afternoons when Chapel Library is open. Inmates may utilize the tape players, video players, and chapel literature during this time.

Special Housing Unit Chaplains will make regular visits to the Special Housing Unit and provide inmates with specific religious materials.

Emergency Notifications

Generally, a Chaplain will notify an inmate of a serious illness or death in the family. When the Chaplain is not available a member of the Unit Team or Lieutenant’s Office, will notify the inmate. Inmate families should call the Bureau of Prisons at 843-387-9400 to notify the Chaplain of an emergency.

Life Connections Program

This program is open to inmates from all faiths. 11 is a Residential program for inmates who are within 24 to 60 months of their projected release date. All interested inmates meeting the above criteria should contact the Chaplain.
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