FDC Honolulu Visitation

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Visiting Hours: A visiting schedule will be posted in
the front lobby and on each housing unit bulletin
board. In accordance with the inmate visiting
regulations’ program statement, unit team staff will
compile a visiting list for each inmate assigned to
their units.

Dress Code

Visitor Attire: Visitors are expected to wear
appropriate attire. The adult dress and pre-teen (12
years and older) code is outlined below:
• No hats, visors or scarves. This includes scarves
around the neck or waist.
• No sleeveless tops, dresses, or blouses. All
sleeves should extend past the bend of the
shoulder joint.
• No sunglasses, long hair picks or fresh/fake
• No tube tops, midriffs, or low cut, revealing
• No tight fitting clothes, this includes lycra and
spandex materials.
• No see through clothing or clothing that reveals
• Skirts, dresses, capri pants and shorts must not
be shorter than the top of the knee. If the skirt
or dress has a slit, this slit must also not
exceed the knee restriction.
• No clothing similar to that issued to inmates
including plain white T-shirts, khaki, tan or dark
green colored shirts and pants or staff uniforms.
• Footwear is based on “Local Island Customs”
, e.g.,flip-flops, slippers, and sandals. Some type of
footwear is to be worn at all times. No wheeled
shoes are allowed in the institution.
• If a sweater or jacket is worn into the Visiting
Room, it may not be removed during the visit.
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