FDC Houston Mental Health of Prisoners

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Short term individual and group psychotherapy may be available depending on individual needs and staff availability. Individual therapy for crisis resolution is available to all inmates. Send a request to staff to sign up.


Group sessions are available in several areas. Group topics change periodically, if there is a particular area you are interested in, please send a request to Psychology and let us know.

Court Assessment/Psychological Testing

Psychological evaluations are sometimes requested by the court. These assessments will be done by outside sources appointed by the lawyers involved or by the judge.

Unit Team Consultations

Following individual intake interviews, Psychology staff provide information to Case Managers for program planning purposes. Psychology Services will notify your Unit Team of any program participation and your level of effort.

Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention

Inmates experiencing a mental health crisis will usually be seen immediately. If you or anyone you know is thinking about suicide or self-harm, let a staff member know. We are dedicated to the prevention of suicide!!

Sexual Assault Prevention

It is a goal of the Bureau of Prisons, and FDC Houston, that at no time will any person suffer from forceful or intimidating behavior, pressure, or threats, that force sexual activity.
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