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Education and Recreation Department

The mission of the Education/Recreation Department is to provide mandatory Literacy and ESL programs as required by law, and such other education/leisure and related programs which meet the needs and interests of the inmate population, and which provide program options for the positive use of inmate time and enhance successful reintegration into the community.


The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act and Prison Litigation Reform Act (VCCLEA/PLRA) mandates that an inmate whose offense was on or after September 13, 1994 but before April 26, 1996 and who lacks a high-school credential, participate in and make satisfactory progress to attain a GED in order to vest Good Conduct Time. The PLRA provides that in determining GCT awards the Bureau will consider whether an inmate with the date of offense on or after April 26, 1996, who lacks a high-school credential participates and makes satisfactory progress towards attaining GED credential in order to be eligible to earn the maximum amount of GCT. The mandatory enrollment period is 240 hours. GED verification is established when an inmate furnishes the original credential or official GED scores, or when the achievement is officially verified in a pre-sentence investigation report.

English-as-a-Second Languages (ESL) (Mandatory Program)

ESL is a mandatory program that was implemented with the Crime Control Act of 1990. This act mandates that all sentenced inmates with limited English proficiency, must attend an ESL program for a minimum of 240 instructional hours, or until functioning at the eighth grade level.

An array of educational programs are available to inmates. Class schedules are posted on the unit’s Education bulletin board. If you are interested in any of the courses listed on the schedule, please submit an Inmate Request to Staff Member form to the Education Department.

Main and Basic Law Libraries

In accordance with the applicable Program Statement, the Education Department affords inmates access to legal materials and opportunities to prepare legal documents. All main and basic libraries contain a collection of legal reference materials which are required by the Federal Prison System. Main inmate law libraries are located in the Education Department (on the third floor) and on the eleventh floor. Basic law libraries are located on G East and G West, and Special Housing Unit (SHU) on Z.

Temporary Physical Access to the Main Law Library

Inmates who have a “special need” may seek temporary physical access to the main law library by submitting an “Inmate Requests to Staff” form to the Unit Manager. “Special need” include inmates who are pro-se, or who have a pressing legal matter not being handled by an attorney that requires significant legal research. The request must contain the inmate’s name, the housing unit, the subject matter, and any case references (if available). The request must be specific enough to enable the Education Department and Recreation staff to obtain the material without performing legal research for the inmate.

Reproduction of Legal Documents

In order to duplicate copies of legal documents, inmates are provided with a photocopy machine in the main law libraries (on the 3rd floor and on the G floor). Copies are ten ($.10) cents per copy. In the event that duplication is excessive and would be impracticable to accomplish with carbon paper, staff shall duplicate documents at a cost of $.10 per page. A BP-24 form will be prepared for the inmate’s signature. For those inmates confined in SHU, Counselors will duplicate legal documents at a cost of $.10 per page.

Indigent Inmates – Reproduction of Legal Documents

Education Department staff may waive the cost of duplication for indigent inmates, if the material to be copied is minimal, and the requests for duplication are not large or excessive. In the event an inmate without funds makes a voluminous request, they will submit an “Inmate Request to Staff” to the Supervisor of Education. The Supervisor of Education reviews the request and consults with the Legal Department and Clerk of Court, if necessary, in order to grant requests when the photocopies are actually required.
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