FDC Miami Mental Health of Prisoners

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The Psychology Department at FDC Miami provides mental health services to those inmates who have a
history of mental illness or who have difficulty adjusting to incarceration. Staff members are assigned to
individual floors in order to expedite the mental health concerns of inmates. Inmates are required to submit an “Inmate Request to Staff” form in non-emergency situations to the psychology department. In case of emergency, please notify a staff member, who will contact the Psychology Department.

Over the years many inmates incarcerated at this facility request medication for difficulty sleeping, however the psychology department at FDC Miami does not advocate or request from the medical department sleep medication for incarcerated inmates.

Medication for psychiatric patients is usually continued upon admission to the institution. If there is a need for psychiatric medication the inmate will be placed on the list to see the psychiatrist. However, everyone is screened by the Psychology Department first prior to being referred to the psychiatrist.

FDC Miami has a Drug Abuse Program (DAP) that is open to all inmates. There is a 40 hour drug education program for those who are initially beginning the road to recovery. The Bureau of Prisons also offers a 500 hour Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP). The RDAP is not offered at FDC Miami. Inmates who qualify for the program will be transferred to another institution for approximately nine months, the amount of time necessary to complete the RDAP. Once the program is completed, the inmate will be returned to FDC Miami. Once an inmate returns to FDC Miami, transitional services will be provided. For those inmates who do not qualify for the RDAP or do not have sufficient time on their sentences to complete the RDAP, a non-residential program is available. Questions about any of the drug programs should be referred to the DAP Coordinator or the Drug Treatment Specialist (DTS).

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