FDC Miami Personal Property

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All personal property will be kept to the allowed amounts. Personal property will be maintained in a neat and orderly manner at all times. The following are requirements for specific personal items: All clothing will be kept inside of lockers, except for dirty items in laundry bags, coats and shoes. Laundry, coats and shoes not kept in lockers will be stored in a neat and orderly fashion at all times. Wet towels may also be on the coat hook until dry.

Due to fire, safety and sanitation regulations, no more that five (5) books, three (3) magazines, and one (1) newspaper will be allowed in each inmate room. No books, magazines or newspapers will be displayed in the open at any time, unless being used or read at the time by the area occupant.

All finished hobby crafts will be mailed from the institution as soon as possible after completion. Any other personal items not mentioned previously will be kept inside the inmates locker when not in use and when the room occupant not present.

Storage of any items will not be permitted under mattresses. At no time will any items such as wood, paper, plastic or cardboard boxes be brought to any area for inmate use, unless approved by the Safety Manager. At no time will any changes be made in any inmate area to any physical plant structure or fixture without specific approval. Inmates should inspect their own living areas and follow all stated guidelines listed. If there are any problems which need to be corrected, report these to the appropriate staff member.

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