FDC Miami Religious Programs

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Religious Services

The Religious Services department makes available a wide range of religious activities for inmates. Four chaplains coordinate the various programs. Christian and Muslim clergy contractors are available for religious services and instruction for adherents of their respective faith traditions. Clergy and lay volunteers of various faith groups are utilized to supplement all aspects of the religious program.

Religious and personal counseling is available to all inmates upon request. The chaplains strive to make themselves available to inmates, at all times. Religious activities are frequently scheduled, as well as the observance of major holy days of all faith traditions. Inmates desiring to participate in holy day observances or activities requiring special arrangements, must submit requests to the chaplains well in advance of the occasion to allow time for preparation and planning. Generally, three weeks is sufficient lead time. Inmates wishing to observe lesser known holy days should contact the chaplains for direction.

Religious services and activities are normally held in the unit Religious Activity Areas (chapels) and are generally open to all inmates.

A chaplain is on duty every day of the week. Their schedules, as well as your unit’s overall religious activity schedule, are posted on the chapel bulletin board. Chaplains can be contacted either by Inmate to Staff Requests or through other staff.

Religious Diet Program

Ordinarily, this religious diet program is available to inmates whose faith tradition dictates dietary restrictions or those who are otherwise religiously motivated to participate in a religious diet program. When requesting participation, you must be specific as to your motivation for participating.

Religious Items/Articles

All religious articles must be purchased through the Special Purchase Order (SPO) process. Religious items cannot be sent in from home.

Religious Books/Publications

The receipt of religious literature must conform with the procedures delineated in the policy on Incoming Publications.


Inmates desiring religious visits from a clergy person with whom they have had a prior relationship should submit a request to the chaplain. The request should contain the following information: name, telephone and address of clergy, as well as the address of the religious institution they serve or are affiliated with.

Pregnancy Counseling

The chaplains are available to provide pregnant inmates with counseling and assist them in exploring the options available to them.
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